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ENTSO-E publishes its R&D plan 2011 update "European Grid: Towards 2020 Challenges and Beyond"

(PresseBox) (Brussels, ) The ENTSO-E R&D plan, one of the important deliverables of ENTSO-E under the Third Energy Package, serves Transmission System Operators' (TSO) strategic goals and contributes largely to the process launched by the European Commission for a Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan. The Plan also contributes to the dialogue between European Regulatory Authorities, the European Commission, Member States and European TSOs.

The ENTSO-E R&D plan, proposes research, development, and demonstration projects with concrete anticipated benefits in line with EU energy policy targets.

Five research and innovation clusters will contribute to keeping both the system capital and operational costs and the security of supply, at affordable levels. These clusters include pan-European grid architecture, power technology, network management and control, market rules and enhanced link between transmission and distribution.

The ENTSO-E R&D Plan does not address in detail the issues relating to funding and the management of the R&D Plan, rather the plan provides a basis for seeking funding as opposed to funds that are available.

The first edition of the R&D plan was published in March 2010; the ENTSO-E R&D Plan 2011 is updated to take into account stakeholders' comments which were addressed to the transmission part of the EEGI Roadmap consultation process, carried out at the beginning of 2011. It also includes some important updates on functional project and operational project levels by providing the most recent information on the mapping of on-going operational projects to functional projects. A significant effort was made to reformat the plan in order to achieve better consistency with the European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) Roadmap and Implementation Plan published in May 2010, as well as to provide the reader with concise and condensed information to enable a better understanding of the topics addressed in the ENTSO-E R&D Plan.

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