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OPTICOM and DVC Digitalvideo premiere Audio/Video QoE Analyzer for IPTV and Mobile TV at NAB

PEVQ recommended International Test Standard

(PresseBox) (Erlangen/ Las Vegas, ) At NABshow, the Perceptual Quality Experts from OPTICOM premiere the PEVQ Analyzer, an HD capable Video Recorder with comprehensive perceptual audio and video analysis capabilities. Perceptual Evaluation of Video Quality (PEVQ) measures the subjectively perceived quality of video sequences based on the 5-point MOS (mean opinion score) scale widely used to characterize the quality as perceived by human subscribers. Peered with PEAQ, OPTICOM s renowned ITU standard for audio quality analysis, the new device marks the sole tool on the market to deliver an audio/video quality metrics in the form of a pair of standardized MOS KPIs, even capable to track lip-sync artifacts.

Unlike a range of other network management tools, PEVQ analyzes degraded video signals by a human visual model and thus represents true objective Quality-of-Experience (QoE) measurement. PEVQ provides the potential of an objective expert assessing IPTV performance issues in relation to incumbent TV satellite and cable services: Manufacturers, operators and service providers can analyze QoE issues and optimize pre-deployment networks to avoid customer's dissatisfaction, which otherwise might lead to complain or churn.

Michael Keyhl, founder and CEO of OPTICOM says: "With our new video quality measure, our distinguished expert team once more achieved the technological summit. We are delighted to see that PEVQ is going to be recommended by the Video Quality Experts Group for inclusion in an International Recommendation." With regard to the new product collaboration with DVC he adds: "With DVC s ClipRecorder we release the power of PEVQ to SD/HD video networks, offering our customers a new test standard at very short time-to-market."

DVC s CEO Harald Naether adds: "We appreciate the collaboration with OPTICOM, not only presenting us with a value-add to our range of high performance ClipRecorders but in fact offering our installed user base to quickly upgrade to the state-of-the-art video analysis capability."

PEVQ is developed by OPTICOM and can ideally be applied to test video streaming, mobile and IPTV applications. The new PEVQ Analyzer evaluates the quality of multimedia (QCIF, CIF, VGA) and SD and HD video formats. It supports synchronous SD and HD record/play over SD/HD-SDI and DVI interfaces.

PEVQ is available under OEM license, too, and has already been adopted by a range of industry players (see

OPTICOM GmbH is the leading vendor for voice, audio and video quality measurement technology and OEM products for mobile and IP based network testing. The pioneers in perceptual quality testing to date devised four international standards for voice and audio quality measurement since its foundation as a spin-off from Fraunhofer s MP3 team. OPTICOM s technology has been OEM licensed to more than 100 vendors, see

OPTICOM ( is a privately held company located in Erlangen, Germany.

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