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The Box in the Box

Innovative desiccant box for stuffing containers in the duisport Group / Patent and marketing rights secured

(PresseBox) (Duisburg, ) Fitness for food transportation, environmental compatibility, long service life, low cost and quick refill are among the essential properties of the new duisbox used in the duisport Group when stuffing containers. Its key feature, though, is moisture control at a relative humidity level of about 50 percent, making sure that the goods will be dry when they reach their destination. Containers which carry moisture-sensitive cargo across the oceans are classical candidates for the duisbox. Duisburger Hafen AG was deeply involved in the development of the desiccant system and holds patent as well as global marketing rights. The automobile, mechanical engineering and consumer goods industries have already used "the box in the box" with great success.

Container stuffing is an operation of duisport facility logistics GmbH, a subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG. The company picks, stages and packs containers for example for Hellmann, the global logistics operator. In Duisburg the containers protected by the desiccant box start on their long journey to North, Central and South America. They transport moisture-sensitive automobile parts.

A top-class German sportscar manufacturer is another user of dfl’s new desiccant box. Four boxes are placed in a 20’ container, eight boxes in a 40’ unit. They are sufficient to control the ambient climate inside the container on a 30-day journey from Duisburg to the Far East or South America. The sports car or SUV with its all-leather interior will arrive at the port of unloading without a trace of mold.

glaskoch in Bad Driburg also fits desiccant boxes when importing containerized cargo from overseas. Its LEONARDO and montana brands are strong with consumers. The lifestyle company sells modern-design glassware and giftware. High container humidity had in the past again and again caused damage to decorative items. The number of damage in transit claims due to humidity exposure was reduced substantially by the duisbox.

Nord Drivesystems, the mechanical engineering company, will not do without desiccant boxes in its containers, either. The gears manufactured by the company in Bargteheide are part of motorized drive systems for supermarket checkout belts, pumps, agitators and shredders in the Far East, in Australia and in the United States. Nord Drivesystems even saved part of the wrapping film otherwise required and lowered cost through duisbox.

Münchener Rückversicherungsgesellschaft concluded from a study that moisture and condensation are by far the most frequent cause of container transportation losses. To prevent corrosion, mold or wet cardboard, the moisture level inside the container must be between 50 and 60 percent. This moisture control is achieved by the box developed by the specialists of Duisburger Hafen AG for logistics operations involving sensitive cargo. The large number of openings in the box allows the salt to react more quickly to humidity and temperature variations than competing products. The non breakable box is designed not to release absorbed brine again by evaporation.

The practical tool for cargo transportation is at the same time friendly to the environment. The brine collected is absolutely natural. The box itself is made from a plastic material which can be recycled. Finally the box can be used more than once, as refillers are available.

Sectors in which the desiccant boxes make sense include the chemical, automobile, metal, electrical, paper, wood, food and furniture as well as the mechanical engineering and steel industries.

Please follow the link: gruppe/aktuelles_archiv/foto_archiv/index.php, categorie: duisport facility logistics There you will find pictures of the duisbox.

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