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A Visible Commitment to the Environment

Duisburger Hafen AG planted 75 trees at the Ruhrort container terminals / Recent environmental projects will reduce annual CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by over 50,000 tons

(PresseBox) (Duisburg, ) Duisburger Hafen AG has demonstrated again that logistics and the environment are not contradictions in terms. Following the construction of the logport roof-top solar panel installation, the completion of the ten-track logport marshalling yard and the achievement of a major modal shift by the Ost-Westphalen-Xpress railroad shuttle service which all cut CO2 greenhouse gas emissions substantially, Duisburger Hafen AG has now planted 75 trees in Duisburg Ruhrort.

The trees reanimate an environmental project in the early days of the logport Logistic Park. "We planted some 750 trees at the time," recalled Duisburger Hafen AG's Chief Executive Officer Erich Staake. "We have now made Ruhrort somewhat greener, at least in the port area."

The Port has for years stimulated projects to shift cargo to environmentally friendly waterway and rail transportation. "Over a year ago our subsidiary duisport rail started for example the daily Ost-Westfalen-Xpress container train service between Duisburg and Unna on a route which had previously been served exclusively by trucks. The number of truck movements was reduced by a remarkable 36,000. We are also building Germany's third largest solar panel installation on roof tops in our logport Logistic Park. The installation will produce the electricity which would be needed to serve the needs of 700 four person households. These examples show that logistics and the environment are by no means contradictions in terms," Staake said.

The State of North-Rhine Westphalia is among the ten largest CO2 emitters in the European Union. The roof-top solar panel installation will reduce emissions by an annual 1,500 tons when completed. Greenhouse gas output will be lowered even more by the ten-track logport marshalling yard whose second construction phase finished in September 2007. A reduction in annual truck movements by 100,000 is equivalent to a cut in CO2 output by 50,000 tons each year.

Duisburger Hafen AG

Duisburger Hafen AG owns and operates the Port of Duisburg, the world's largest inland port, on the confluence of the Ruhr and the Rhine. The duisport Group offers the complete infrastructure needed for port and logistics operations including a full-service investor support package. It also provides a wide range of logistics services which back up the portfolio of Port customers including packing logistics.