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Off centre load cells

Series 500QD. Accurate load cells with built-in analog/digital electronics

(PresseBox) (Milano, ) Machine manufacturers often need to measure compression or tension forces or weights with a good resolution even with environment electrical noise (from inverters, electrical actuators etc.).

DS Europe in order to satisfy these needs is herewith proposing series 500QD load cells that can optionally have a built-in analog or digital electronics therefore allowing a measure protected from electrical, to avoid bulky and expensive external boxes and to have a pre-calibrated load cell.

The built-in electronics, being very close to the strain gauge bridge that generates the analog signal, would allow to have a very high resolution therefore small variations of load can be shown stable on the display.

Main feature of series 500QD are:
Measuring ranges: 0 to 2-3-6-12-25-60-110-220-330-550-1000-2000-3000-4000Kg FS.
Accuracy: < ±0,023% (up to 60Kg) and 0,05 (from 110 to 4000Kg FS).
Analog outputs: 2mV/V, 5V, 10V e 4-20mA.
Digital outputs: RS485, RS422 (Modbus and DSEnet protocols) and CANopen (profile DSP406).

Digital output advantages:
Differential data transmission allows high protection against electromagnetic noise, high resolution (24bit A/D converter), cabling cost saving (parallel of many load cells on a single digital input port on PLC or computer), load cell zeroing (for recovering tare, damages, thermal drifts).

Weighing, automation, medical machines, machine tools, textile machines, test machines, plastic injection machines, presses, research, vehicles etc.

DS Europe can produce transducers accordingly to customer’s technical specifications.