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New TEDS reader and writer in a USB stick format from disynet

(PresseBox) (Brüggen-Bracht, ) With the µTEDS, disynet GmbH presents one of the smallest devices in the world for reading and writing TEDS.

TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) are memory chips integrated in sensors used to save sensor-specific technical data.

TEDS-compatible DAQs can read this data and perform an automatic setup, e.g. to match the amplification to the sensitivity of the sensor. In applications that use many sensors – such as crash-tests or vibration measurement on large surfaces such as a car body- information on the serial number and manufacturer of the sensor can be read to identify and allocate the sensor to a specific location automatically.

TEDS Writers are used to store this data on a Sensor TEDS-Chip. In order to store or to read this data on the chip, TEDS sensors are connected to TEDS Reader/Writer which is then connected to a computer. A software with a corresponding Input and output mask is used to write and read the data.

Such devices are usually quite large and cumbersome to use. With the µTEDS disynet has developed a very small device in USB stick format. The Plug & Play function and the easy handling makes working a cinch.

Depending on the type of sensor you can choose between a triaxial and uniaxial version.

Currently, we support Template 0 and Template 1 from version 0.9 and Template 25 and 33 from 1.0. Soon Template 12 and 24 will be supported as well.

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For sensor know-how, visit our online sensor compendium (in German)