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Easy-to-assemble Single in Line 3-phase Bridge

Reduces assembly costs at improved characteristics

(PresseBox) (Heitersheim, ) Diotec Semiconductor introduces a new type of Single in Line (SIL) 3-phase bridge rectifiers, called DBI25- 16A. Featuring 25 Amp/1600 Volts, they can be safely soldered to a PCB using standard procedures. And they are easily assembled with a single screw to a heatsink.

According to Udo Steinebrunner, Product Manager at Diotec, the new bridges will greatly reduce overall assembly costs. "The most common package so far used in the industry was the DB series. It has a square exposed metal at the bottom of the package that is attached to a heatsink, and Fast On or Wire terminals at the top of the package for electrical connections.
Assembly of these products on standard PCBs is not straightforward. The new SIL bridge greatly improves this. They are also a step forward with respect to reliability and safety requirements".

A number of product improvements have been made:
New Planar high voltage dice have a reduced high temperature leakage current and perform excellent in HTRB quality tests. The creepage and clearance distances have been greatly increased. The isolation voltage is 2500V and the parts will be UL certified. The DBI25-16A is a cost effective device to provide input rectification in lower and medium power industrial applications, such as power supplies, motor drives and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS). The product range includes further a 6A and 15A version, with voltages from 400 to 1600V.

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