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NextiraOne Puts Data Centre at the Heart of its Business Strategy

Technology and ecosystem partnerships combine with NextiraOne Intelligent Building Services and professional services expertise to create powerful Data Centre offering

(PresseBox) (Lichfield, ) NextiraOne, Europe's leading expert in communications services, is set to corner a significant share of the growing Data Centre market with new initiatives and partnerships designed to underpin and expand the company's capabilities in this key strategic area. The company has completed a number of key accreditations with its technology partners Cisco, NetApp and VMware, creating a powerful alliance for the delivery of advanced and comprehensive Data Centre solutions.

Cisco, NetApp and VMware are the current industry leaders in server, storage and network virtualisation solutions, creating a unique enterprise architecture that includes all server, storage and networking hardware and software to facilitate sharing, re-use and dynamic resource allocation in the Data Centre environment. NextiraOne works in partnership with these three companies, adding a profound knowledge of the communications environments that demand such powerful Data Centre solutions, such as Unified Communications and Contact Centre solutions. The company is able to add the integration and expert services that create an end-to-end Data centre solution tailored to individual customer requirements.

With a well-established Intelligent Building Services division NextiraOne also brings together all the technologies and services required to provide the physical infrastructure for Data Centres, from room design, construction and refurbishment to mechanical, electrical and cabling requirements. It also includes environmental considerations and the creation of intelligent building environments, security and monitoring. A key focus of the NextiraOne IBS team is centred around the implementation of Green solutions, including power, cooling and ventilation, creating highly energy efficient, sustainable Data Centre environments.

In December NextiraOne announced an expansion of its relationship with Cisco in the UK and Europe with the aim of accelerating the adoption of virtualised Data Centre solutions based on Cisco technologies. Together, Cisco and NextiraOne will focus on delivering advanced communications applications, including Cisco Unified Communications and Contact Centre solutions hosted in virtualised data centre environments, which bring real value to customers. NextiraOne is investing in developing its already successful Cisco Data Centre capabilities through certification of people, labs and demonstration equipment in the UK and Europe. NextiraOne's experts will also align with the Cisco Advanced Services team in a cooperative service approach to elevate the effectiveness and quality of solution deployments.

NextiraOne's Data Centre strategy is initially focused on Cisco and key ecosystem partner technologies, including those from VMware and NetApp. NextiraOne UK has gained Cisco ATP accreditation in Data Centre Unified Computing and the company has also achieved VMware Professional Partner and NetApp Gold Partner status.

This strategy has been developed to address clear market trends. Enterprises are seeking increasingly to centralise the implementation and management of their communications applications and to gain full benefit from today's virtualised data centre architectures. This is seen as a way to significantly improve utilisation of computer assets and reduce ongoing operational costs including power, server investment and management. The approach also increases enterprise agility, improving the ability of CIOs to react quickly to changing situations in the market or within their organisation and helping to achieve a more rapid deployment of new applications or scaling up of existing applications such as Cisco Unified Communications.

NextiraOne, in collaboration with its Data Centre partners, is able to offer end-to-end solutions, providing a comprehensive service approach which combines best-in-class technologies with NextiraOne's communications expertise and extensive service offer.

"As our need for storage and computing power continues to rise dramatically with the increased use of resource-hungry applications such as video and voice recording, virtualisation is the most effective way of controlling the cost of keeping pace with demand," says Christopher Lewis, Head of Business Development for Data Centres at NextiraOne UK.

"A well-planned Data Centre offers the best means of creating a consolidated voice and data communications environment that is easy to manage and allows effective cost control. Virtualisation also enables organisations to achieve real cost savings by reducing the number of servers and the storage allocation and also the cost of energy, cooling and ventilation. These are just a few of the ways in which NextiraOne's Data Centre strategy is helping customers to create more powerful communications with cost-effective, sustainable technologies and environments."

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Headquartered in Paris, NextiraOne is Europe's leading expert in communications services. The company designs, installs, maintains and supports all of its customers' communications needs from voice to mobility, security and applications. NextiraOne provides seamless, end-to-end communications solutions working with the leading technology vendors in the industry to deliver maximum business benefit to customers.

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