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Digimind launches Digimind 9 - Next generation Competitive intelligence for smarter decision making

Digimind 9 combines real-time semantic analysis and in-depth web monitoring to provide businesses with a complete turnkey solution for all competitive intelligence (CI) needs

(PresseBox) (Grünwald, ) Digimind, the leading provider of Competitive Intelligence software, today announces "D.9", the new updated Digimind software release designed to accompany forward-thinking organizations throughout their intelligence workflows.

Digimind 9 comes in response to a growing demand from companies willing to complement their CI apparatus with such features included as "advanced semantic analysis", "social media monitoring", and "intelligence profile management". Indeed, beyond the conventional intelligence workflows, more intelligence requirements surface nowadays to leverage on social networks, unstructured data, and related analysis.

The Digimind 9 release provides the following benefits to customers:

· Instant search: Get the whole picture of a company based upon consolidated web 1, web 2, and social network searches

· Influence ranking: Track the most influential web sources before they impact your operations

· Social Media Monitoring: Beyond keyword/tags Twitter searches, engage with consumers to increase customer retention

Patrice Francois, Associate director of Digimind explains, "Since Digimind started its operations in 1998, it's never been so easy for intelligence practitioners to get the most out of internet data, especially from social networks which are usually quite tricky to monitor and analyse in real time. With this new release and considering the tough times all companies are facing due to the financial crisis, all corporate departments including sales, Business development or R&D, will benefit from the simplicity and the power of Digimind to discover new opportunities and generate more business".

The Digimind 9 release provides access to strategic intelligence data, both in the office and on hand held devices, affording businesses increased agility and mobility to help them react faster to mission critical business requirements and to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.

Digimind offers a comprehensive solution for global enterprise customers, Mid-market customers, and any business looking to streamline their intelligence process. Digimind 9 can be deployed alongside existing subscriptions and integrates with other tools from the knowledge management, business intelligence, or CRM fields.

Digimind 9 is available directly from Digimind and through associated resellers and channel partners.

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Digimind develops competitive intelligence software that helps organizations to automate the process of collecting, analysing and publishing critical information. Digimind is essential to any organisation that seeks to enhance growth and corporate reputation, while protecting its core assets, through ongoing monitoring of market trends and indicators, customer requirements and competitive landscape. Digimind has an international presence to serve the needs of its global client base with offices in Boston, Paris, Singapore and Rabat.