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Display Computing with Java on demmel products' Intelligent Displays now available

(PresseBox) (Vienna/Munich, ) demmel products announces the release of its on-board Java Virtual Machine at this year’s embedded world. iLCD panels can now be programmed in Java, enabling "Display Computing" for the first time on intelligent displays with an object oriented programming language and without an operating system.

Compiled Java code runs in the Java Virtual Machine which is integrated in the iLCD controller. The entire range of iLCD functionalities can now be realized in both Java and with high-level commands. The Java application running on the display can also take over external control functions so that, in many cases, an external micro-controller is no longer necessary to control a whole application. This helps to significantly simplify the hardware design.

Java’s object oriented approach is particularly suitable for user interface applications and is much less error-prone than C.

The iLCD Manager XE is available for download at no charge, and has been extended to accommodate the Java development environment. As with other IDEs, comfortable Java code editing with syntax highlighting is possible and included. The Java application can be generated with the integrated compiler, and subsequently uploaded directly onto the display via the USB interface.

An integrated debugger to enable remote debugging of the Java application directly on the display via USB has also been added. Common features like breakpoints and variable inspection are available as well. The entire development and debug environment can be accessed immediately by simply installing or updating the iLCD Manager XE. There is no additional software or hardware required.

The Java Virtual Machine runs on the existing iLCD hardware and supports multithreading. The extensive iLCD features have been optimized for an extremely fast and efficient execution of Java applications.

Experience demmel’s Java applications running on the iLCDs and in the iLCD Simulator at the embedded world 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 14-16. We look forward to your visit at our Booth 371 in Hall 1.

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