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Databarracks make Baddybackup free for all users

(PresseBox) (London, ) Today Databarracks announced that it is offering refunds to all Buddybackup users who have paid for the full version of its popular Buddybackup software. The decision comes as Databarracks removes all of the limitations within the free version of Buddybackup, a peer-to-peer online backup software used by tens of thousands of people in over 126 countries around the world.

When asked about the decision, Barbara Ferrari, Marketing Manager of Databarracks, said "We wanted to make Buddybackup completely free for everyone to use and to remove the limitations that previously were only unlocked in the paid version. We didn't think it was fair to do this when so many users had already bought the software so we decided to offer a refund to everyone who has paid and upgrade all current users to the full version of the software."

Databarracks says that one of the reasons why Buddybackup has proved so successful while other online backup services are struggling to survive is the fact that it promotes a self sufficient storage system. Buddybackup uses the spare space on buddies' computers creating a free storage trade between you and your friends with no costs; all you need is a buddy with internet connection and some free disk drive space to share. Files are backed up in real time and all data is encrypted to military standard so your data can't be accessed or read by your Buddies.

With a number of free or very low cost online backup services failing and leaving many customers without access to their data within the past year, the Buddybackup solution seems to rise to users' expectations. While other backup providers are not able to sustain backup service, leaving users' data irretrievable, Buddybackup users can have multiple copies of their data saved on friends' or families' computers so that they are always going to be able to get the data back.

Buddybackup also caters for a number of businesses that use the software to backup their corporate laptops or remote offices back to their own central storage server.

"We are contacting all users through their registration email to let them know they are entitled to a refund. Any unclaimed money will be donated to a Multiple Sclerosis Charity and Save the Children. Because Buddybackup is used by people from all over the world we wanted to give to global charities. As well as the United Kingdom and U.S.A., we have large user bases in China, Vietnam, India and many other eastern and European countries so we thought it right to find charities that would be relevant to all our users." said Barbara Ferrari.

Buddy Backup offers technical support through the forum discussions on the website which are supervised by a dedicated technical specialist. All information regarding the refunds, including final date for collection, will be posted there as well.

Peter Groucutt, Managing Director at Databarracks says" This is the first of many exciting announcements about Buddybackup over the next 6 months. We will be keeping users informed of these on our new forums and by announcements to the press".

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