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New patent related to cell-enriched fat grafting issued today

(PresseBox) (San Diego, ) The US Patent and Trademark Office issued a new patent (US Patent No. 7,887,795; direct link to USPTO site - today to Cytori Therapeutics covering the process of combining adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells (ADRCs) and an additive with an autologous fat graft. Two related trends in plastic and reconstructive surgery are the resurgence of autologous fat grafting and the emergence of cell-enriched fat grafting, where a patient's own stem and regenerative cells are mixed with their own fat to be used as a natural filler. Currently, cell-enriched fat grafting is being performed around the world for breast reconstruction (such as in Cytori's RESTORE 2 study), breast augmentation and other plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures such as facial rejuvenation and wrinkle filling. Given these trends in plastic and reconstructive surgery, this is a timely and relevant patent because it pertains to all grafts that contain an additive and have been enriched with ADRCs, processed either by an enzyme or through mechanical force and concentrated by means of density, filtration or centrifugation. Additives may include materials that enhance the delivery, efficacy, tolerability, or function of the fat grafts. The '795 patent is significant to Cytori in that it creates another barrier-to-entry to our US cosmetic and reconstructive surgery business, which is comprised of several products that allow surgeons to perform either autologous fat grafting or cell-enriched fat grafting. The patent is also representative of our multi-pronged IP strategy aimed at protecting both a process, such as the one covered in this new patent, and a technology, such as the '484 patent covering automated and closed, sterile systems for processing adipose tissue. Cytori now has 11 US issued patents, 16 foreign issued patents, and more than 100 additional pending applications worldwide. Our existing patents cover the Company's core device technology which automates the process of extracting a mixed population of adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells by way of a closed, bedside system, as well as methods and uses of these cells for a variety of clinical applications.