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CTI Group expands call monitoring range with reporting tool for VoIP networks

Proteus VoIP QMS allows network managers to monitor and enhance quality of IP telephony services

(PresseBox) (Purley, Surrey, ) CTI Group, a leading provider of interactive communication management solutions, today announced the extension of its Proteus telecoms management range with an alarm and reporting tool that allows users to define success metrics and service levels for the quality of service of their voice applications.

Once installed on a Proteus server and integrated with a VoIP PBX, the software analyses the voice network around the clock, monitoring and reporting on the IP network, devices usage and Quality Of Service (QOS). The tool uses passive technology to monitor VoIP traffic and does not impact the user’s network.

Proteus VoIP QMS is unique in offering reporting on such information as Jitter, Latency, Packet-Loss, MAC and IP address of the VOIP devices, MOS, VoIP traffic average talk time, Network bandwidth utilisation , IP device usage , IP network usage by departments and people usage.

The software gives centralised drill-down reporting delivering accurate analysis of call quality and usage by departments and individuals in an organisation. It offers bespoke, quick start reporting guarding against critical failure and abuse of voice systems. Automated reports can be exported to most file formats and delivered via email directly to the desktop.

With an intuitive easy to use web browser interface, it works ‘straight from the box’ to offer a range of application benefits including:

- Immediate, proactive warning of quality issues
- Graphical representation of call traffic information and trend analysis
- End point identification and reporting
- Load analysis identifying gateways with high call volumes
- Trigger alarms based on VoIP quality and IP network downtime.

Utilising pre-defined thresholds, Proteus VoIP QMS can automatically alert users of potential hot spots, allowing them to investigate the issues and identify possible failure points. Network capacity can be dynamically reviewed, ensuring that the most efficient, cost effective VoIP network is being deployed. It allows organisations to proactively monitor set targets for the quality of their voice services for specific individuals and locations or across the entire network.

Andy Wilson, Sales and Marketing Director, CTI Group, comments, "Quality of Service is of increasing importance with the growing uptake of IP telephony. The release of Proteus VoIP QMS addresses this and highlights our continuing commitment to VoIP."

Proteus VoIP QMS is part of CTI Group’s Proteus telecoms management portfolio and is compatible with Avaya One X PBX products.

CTI Data Solutions, Ltd Nordic House

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