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Cordys Targets the UK

Industry Veteran Jan Baan Driving Force For Change

(PresseBox) (Munchen Unterfohring, ) A new name has entered the UK IT market with one of the best known names in the industry at the helm. Cordys is a leading Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) provider established in 2001 by industry veteran Jan Baan. Today the company has over 520 employees and has rapidly expanded its global footprint in Europe and North America. Cordys has now extended that reach still further targeting the UK.

Jan Baan, CEO, Cordys, stated: "When managing and improving business processes, the complexity of information systems can quickly begin to limit rather than enable business change. The Cordys Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) breaks this cycle by allowing the business itself to create IT solutions based on specific business processes, rather than on existing IT systems."

"People buying workflow think they are buying human interaction management or case management but they are not. What they want, though, is one environment in which to build the [BPM] model and also execute it. With Cordys, the business user, and the IT guy, and the chief process officer, can sit together and bridge that gap," he added.

Using Cordys BPMS, both technical and non-technical professionals can model business processes using the same simple, accessible tools.

Businesses can rapidly create and change IT applications, while focusing on the tasks and activities critical to that business, free of any restrictions from underlying information systems.

By improving the speed with which implementation and change can be effected, Cordys makes an organisation more responsive to changing business conditions and avoids the unnecessary costs associated with customisation.

Built entirely on service orietnted architecture (SOA) principles, Cordys BPMS provides a unified web-based view of a business, together with an integrated environment that gives users access to all business information as well as the functionality to quickly model and integrate business processes.

Key benefits of Cordys BPMS include:
- Collaborative development environment that enables the business and IT to work in harmony thereby improving speed and accuracy of the final product
- Total BPM capability - fully addressing the needs of the people and systems used in the typical organisation
- Unique non-stop grid architecture that provides 24X7 availability and massive, near linear, Scalability
- Low Cost of ownership
- Single View - unified web-based composite views of your business

Cordys Deutschland

Cordys provides an industry-leading Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) to Global 2000 companies. Cordys' unique SOA-based solution enables customers to design, execute, monitor and improve business processes more rapidly, with better performance, and with greater adaptability than any other available solution. Companies from major industries worldwide have selected Cordys to support business performance improvement because business executives can continually optimize IT systems in real-time within a code-free environment. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Cordys is a global company with offices throughout the Americas, Europe, China and India.