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connectBlue(TM) Adds More Channels in the 5GHz ISM Band to Secure an Interference-free Wireless LAN Communication

(PresseBox) (Malmö, ) connectBlue today announced that its small embedded Wireless LAN OEM modules have an expanded frequency channel range. connectBlue now covers the 5 GHz channels 36-140 compared to the previously used 36-48 channels. With the extended channel range, connectBlue products now cover the U-NII-1, U-NII-2 and U-NII-2e bands (5.18-5.70 GHz).

The use of the unlicensed 5GHz band in Wireless LAN is growing as it offers a less crowded radio space than the 2.4GHz band where several other wireless technologies also operate. The greatest strength of the 5GHz band is the availability of 16 more non-overlapping channels than what is available in the 2.4GHz band. In other words, besides not being a band shared by several technologies, the non-overlapping channels open up the possibility for an interference-free and stable wireless communication.

"In order to provide for a robust wireless experience, we have found that customers in industrial and medical applications have concentrated their wireless office communication to the 2.4GHz and their wireless M2M communication to the 5GHz band," says Rolf Nilsson, CEO of connectBlue. "Since we offer dual-band Wireless LAN products and now have expanded the channel range in the 5GHz band, we can serve customers with varying needs like very few other Wireless LAN module suppliers can."

The added frequency channels will be found in the connectBlue Wireless LAN UART Serial Port Module OWS451 and Wireless LAN SPI Module OWL253. Further, the connectBlue ready-to-use Wireless LAN products that utilize these modules will also incorporate the expanded frequency channel range.

The Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n radios utilize the 2.4GHz and the IEEE 802.11a/n radio utilizes the 5GHz frequency band. The 5GHz ISM band is divided up into sub-bands called U-NII bands (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure).

Today, most available Wireless LAN solutions in the 5GHz band use the U NII 1 band (5.18-5.24 GHz) with channels 36-48. connectBlue Wireless LAN products now have extended the range to include the U NII 2/2e band (5.26-5.70 GHz) with channels 52-140. One of the products that offer the expanded frequency channel range is the new Wireless LAN module OWL253 which was just released in October.

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