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Colibrys releases a new generation of inertial sensors for harsh environment

Colibrys has launched today the new MS9000 family of inertial accelerometers specifically designed for harsh environment and safety critical applications

(PresseBox) (Neuchâtel, ) This new generation of products comes in a LCC20 (8.9mm x 8.9mm) ceramic package, some three times smaller than current sensors and in a variety of g ranges from ±2g to ±250g. These sensors can operate over extended temperature ranges with just a few milli g bias stability guaranteed over extended lifetime. These high quality sensors conform to MIL-STD-883-E as typically required by the aerospace, military and geophysical markets.

"These products have already been qualified by multiple preferred leading edge clients for AHRS, missile guidance and industrial applications, giving us strong confidence that the MS9000 is offering extremely competitive performance" commented Soheil Habibi, Business Development Manager for Inertial Sensing at Colibrys.

"The smaller package size allows our customers to realize more compact and higher accuracy guidance and navigation systems especially in applications where performance and reliability are a pre-requisite. This product is a further step in our plan to offer compact and competitively priced sub milli g stability accelerometers in the coming year".

This new product allows Colibrys to underline its position as a leading edge independent European supplier of inertial sensors to the harsh environment and safety critical applications worldwide. MS9000 will be officially presented at Sensor Expo Japan 2008, Tokyo end of April, at PLANS 2008 in Monterey (CA) USA early May and at both Sensor + Test in Nuremberg (Germany) and ILA 2008, in Berlin (Germany) in May.

Datasheet, product description and contact information to worldwide sales representatives are available on our web site:

About MEMS/MST Technology

MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems) are highly miniaturized devices that can realize a number of physical sensing functions including fluidics, optics and mechanics on a silicon chip using techniques similar to traditional integrated circuit process technology. MST (Microsystems) merge these sensing and or actuating functions combining them with electronic signal process chips to create highly miniaturized systems that enable enhanced levels of perception, control and performance.

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd

Colibrys is a world-leading supplier of standard and semi-custom MEMS based motion sensors to the harsh-environment (Military, Aerospace and Energy) and safety critical (Industrial and Instrumentation) applications. Colibrys family of motion sensors includes extremely low noise, shock resistant seismic sensors, high stability high shock inertial accelerometers and DC coupled capacitive vibration sensors. Colibrys has two operations based; one in Houston, TX, USA and one in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.