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Colibrys motion sensors have been certified for safety critical railway applications

(PresseBox) (Neuchâtel, ) Colibrys is pleased to announce the certification of its inertial, vibration and tilt sensors for safety critical applications. The CENELEC (European center for electronic and electro-technique normalization) EN 50128 railway application standard assess the software common mode failure conformity of the Colibrys motion sensors.

"Colibrys MEMS capacitive accelerometers are already recognized for their high reliability in harsh environment applications in the Aerospace, Military and Transportation markets. This new level of certification expands our product offerings into these very demanding markets and opens up many new opportunities in the railway technology business" said Jean-Michel Stauffer, Marketing and Sales Director of Colibrys.

Motion sensors are required in a large number of train applications such as bogie security control, vibration and tilt control for improved comfort, position monitoring on the new magneto levitation based train control, HUMS (health and usage monitoring) or even track monitoring. Thanks to its wide range of motion sensors and specialty in design for performance in high reliability applications, Colibrys offers the right product for your application with the adequate reliability.

Product description and datasheets are available at .

About MEMS/MST Technology

MEMS (Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems) are highly miniaturized devices that can realize a number of physical sensing functions including fluidics, optics, mechanics on a silicon chip using techniques similar to traditional integrated circuit process technology. MST (Microsystems) merge these sensing and or actuating functions combining them with electronic signal process chips to create highly miniaturized systems that enable enhanced levels of perception, control and performance.

About EN 50128

This standard describes software safety integrity levels and identifies requirements for personnel and their responsibilities, lifecycle issues and documentation. It gives detailed descriptions of objectives, input documents, output documents and requirements for software requirements specification, architecture, design and implementation, verification and testing as well as software/hardware integration, software validation, quality assurance and maintenance.

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd

Colibrys is a world-leading supplier of standard and semi-custom MEMS based motion sensors to the harsh-environment (Military, Aerospace and Energy), and safety critical (Industrial and Instrumentation) applications.