Back to the roots - CMD helps the globally web-development in the private, charitable and SME-area powerfully on the jumps!

(PresseBox) ( Hannover, )
- Responsive presence on any smartphone/tablet worldwide and instantly
- Detailed Exposé - also as PDF
- Personally independent for every webpage on every browser
- Data remains your data with full access
- Secrets remain secrets
- Global free general license for all non-profit organizations
- KISS System = Keep it smart and easy
- Simple and fast for anyone - even with the most little HTML knowledge
- Ideal for all future-oriented school and training purposes
- Mobile touch technology on any smartphone, smartwatch or tablet
- BSD-free for private or very cheap for commercial use
- PPP-related and international income relative price calculation
- Safe success and fruitful progress homemade
- Professional help in every respect - also in English
- Permalinks for Blog, Info, Basic, Support, Press & Club Channels - also in English
- The most important 70 global social networks for free use integrated

"Immediatly available Smartphone-Responsivity globally for Everyone! We open the door - you do the rest!"

"CMD -ComputerMediaDesign" has developed the responsive concept 'Medialay(c)' (mobile HTML development) with worldwide validity. After long and extensive research, we haven't found any applicable principle that would be comparable to this 'Medialay(c)'-concept.

We have developed a very comprehensive exposé that underpins CMD ownership of this unique principle with worldwide copyright (DMCA / WIPO-WCT etc.). While the common development systems pursue a concept which, due to the extreme complexity of a purely automatic 'liquid' principle, gradually dissociates the normal HTML developer from the mobile-enabled HTML publication or even cuts it off completely, due to absolute comprehension problems, is the CMD-'Medialay(c)'-Concept for EVERY HTML developer (also and especially in small and medium-sized SMEs) immediately transparent and feasible!

The "simple" autodidactic developer without any IT training otherwise has no chance on his own, independently and self-decisively to realize "simple" (or possibly also extensive commercial) Internet sites on the phone or other mobile devices in a mobile standard browser. CMD has broken through this (developmental) 'disempowerment'-principle for all standard HTML developers worldwide, enabling you to present ANY website - no matter how simple - unhindered on ALL mobile output media (smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, etc.) and also on all large media-devices (4K, digital TV, etc.).

The CMD licensing and pricing explicitly assumes that producers in the "small" and economically "weaker" countries would hardly or not at all afford a 'Medialay(c)' license under normal conditions. While a developer in the richer countries has to spend only about 30 minutes on average for the cost of an European license for only 20,- Euro, in the poorest countries, one would has to work (struggle) about two to three weeks(!!) under relatively merciless conditions for the same license costs!

Our 'Medialay(c)' and 'YouVee(c)' prices for a license are therefore geared to the current 'real gross national product per capita'! The commercial developers in countries with less than "$ 20,000 per capita per year" ('PPP': see country-link in the Exposè) get the registered 'Medialay(c)'-license completely and without any ulterior motive. Also in general globally for charitable and non-commercial users, as well as for every school group.

Based on this concept, CMD is now looking worldwide for positive cooperations (managers, financiers - also via crowd funding -, developers, etc.) on investment base, with CMD or its founder (CEO, "idea provider/supervisor/know-how carrier") to make real a highly interesting web development system called 'YouVee(c)'.

This system has incomparable and extremely high-profile features (see Exposè), which the usual "Cloud/Web2"-based systems can not yet provide.

This system has uncomparable and extremely high-profile features (see Web Exposè), which the "Cloud/Web2" -based systems can not afford so far. 'YouVee(c)' will bring along an integrated free server system (XAMPP), which enables completely free, protected and private "offline" production, without to become stepwisely dependent on the Internet-based "Web2/Cloud" principle (an online registration and a cloud-dependent data transfer)

The 'YouVee(c)'-Exposè is available responsively on the Internet for ALL popular resolutions (so also including internet-enabled mobile smartwatches and smartphones or TVs) in English, as well as completely in German as a spam-protected website at:


as well as an identical PDF in German for download and offline viewing so far at:

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