CISC RFID Tag Emulator: A versatile product for RFID reader and system tests

Klagenfurt, (PresseBox) - The CISC RFID Tag Emulator was recently used for a demonstration of feasibility tests for new European UHF RFID regulations at a CEPT workshop organized by ECO (The European Communications Office) in April 2011.

The Austrian based RFID consulting and measurement systems company CISC Semiconductor could show once again, that their products are trusted for developments on the edge of the UHF RFID technology. In order to show the feasibility of the technology required for the new UHF RFID band, an ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) STF (Special Task Force) - including members from Feig Electronic and CISC Semiconductor - developed a new method for coexistence of multiple users in the 915-921 MHz band. During the ECO organized workshop in Mainz, Germany in April, Feig Electronic demonstrated a conductive RFID application, where the CISC RFID Tag Emulator emulated the RFID tags, in order to show the band's coexistence with another band user, the ER-GSM (Extended Railway GSM) used for railway communication.

"We are continuously developing RFID measurement and simulation equipment to support the leading stages of the development of RFID", said Josef Preishuber-Pflügl, CTO and Business Manager RFID+RFComm at CISC Semiconductor Design+Consulting GmbH. "Lots of our work over the last 8 years was used for ISO, EPCglobal and ETSI environment, to support the technology development in an early stage and we are happy that our product was the right tool available for the needs of the regulatory work."

"I appreciated to have the possibility to use the CISC RFID Tag Emulator as it provided a convenient, controllable tool to emulate the RFID tags as required for these tests" stated Daniel Büth, System Application Engineer from Feig Electronic. "Especially the conducted mode allowed us to setup a measurement scenario, without any fear that RF noise from all the other demonstrations and measurements in the building influenced our very sensitive measurements." Markus Desch, R&D Manager at Feig, continued that he really appreciates the conductive measurement possibility, as it allows lots of engineers to work together in a close environment and later on the CISC RFID Tag Emulator can easily be used with the RF interfaces to real RF tests.

About the CISC RFID Tag Emulator

As the first portable device for emulating RFID tags the CISC RFID Tag Emulator overcomes the restrictions of using standard RFID tags for the testing and development support of RFID applications and RFID readers.

This results in extended testing to the limits of the standards that can never be setup in the characteristics of RFID tags due to the limitations in modification of parameters. The possibility to adjust several variable tag parameters (as timing and performance parameters) allows the definition of best and worst case scenarios, as well as the conduction of limits of specifications.

The RFID Tag Emulator is an accurate and precise advanced performance testing tool, which offers a very cost-saving and easy solution for users to evaluate the ideal RFID reader, system installation or design for a specific application. The CISC RFID Tag Emulator and its logging capabilities allow an insight into the tag for better understanding on what is going on - also in mixed tag populations with standard RFID tags.

In addition, the CISC RFID Protocol Analyzer provides a possibility for automatic evaluation of logs recorded by the CISC RFID Tag Emulator. The results of this evaluation cover details about tag inventory procedures, collision-arbitration and antenna switching at different levels of granularity.

The Tag Emulator can communicate wirelessly, the same way ordinary RFID tags exchange data with RFID readers, or directly, connected to a reader via a 50Ohm cable. It can emulate up to 4 RFID tags in real-time.

In order to support tasks like RFID reader development and RFID system evaluation, it offers adjustable tag characteristics and extensive logging possibilities. Moreover the tool also provides the possibility to test at 4 channels simultaneously, which saves valuable time for the user. Further on, the CISC RFID Tag Emulator is able to emulate complex standards like EPCglobalTM Class 1 Generation 2 UHF RFID Protocol and also future protocols.

CISC Semiconductor GmbH

CISC Semiconductor Design+Consulting GmbH is a design and consulting service company for industries developing embedded microelectronic systems with extremely short Time-To-Market cycles. Our core competences are: System design, modeling, simulation, verification and optimization of heterogeneous embedded microelectronic systems with a particular focus on Automotive and RFID systems. CISC Semiconductors customers are represented in the Semiconductor, Automotive and RFID industry.

The main office of CISC Semiconductor Design+Consulting GmbH is situated at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park in Klagenfurt, Austria.

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