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RAILWAY 2016: ROVICORE™ FR reinforcement helps meet fire classification requirements

ROVICORE™ FR helps to meet requirements for the hazard level (HL) under the new European fire classification standard for train materials that will enter into effect in 2016

(PresseBox) (Le Cheylard, ) Developed by Chomarat, one of the world's leading engineered textile companies, ROVICORE™ FR (Fire Resistant) is a glass fiber based reinforcement for sandwich materials that complies with the hazard level (HL) classifications under the EN 45545 standard, the new European benchmark for fire protection on railway vehicles. Parts made of ROVICORE™ FR successfully passed the FIRST tests (Flame spread, Ignitability, Rate of heat release, Smoke opacity and Toxicity of smoke) and met the most stringent certification requirements for vehicles that travel underground (metro, rapid-transit trains, sleeper trains).

"The EN 45545 standard that is being set up in Europe as of 2013 should go into effect in 2016. The aim of the standard is to minimize the probability of incipient fires and control the spread of fire in order to minimize the impact on travellers and onboard personnel. Because ROVICORE™ FR helps to meet these criteria, parts made using ROVICORE™ FR can be used on all types of railways, including underground, and on all types of train in the design of interior parts like windows, covers, trap doors, partition panels, walls, etc. Rovicore FR enables the railway market to make progress on fire safety," says Claude Chabal, RTM Product Manager at Chomarat.

ROVICORE™ FR: a solution for fire-resistant composite parts manufacturing

ROVICORE™ FR (Fire Resistant) is the latest addition to the ROVICORE™ line, providing a solution for the manufacturing of fire-resistant composite parts. It is dedicated more specifically to interior components for railway vehicles and for construction. ROVICORE™ FR has a core that is halogen free to minimize the toxicity of smoke in case of fire.

Like all the other products in the line, ROVICORE™ FR is especially adapted to closed mold processes, including RTM and RTM Light. Its specific core construction makes it especially effective in low-pressure injection processes.

Maintains all the properties of the ROVICORE™ reinforcements

ROVICORE™ FR's excellent deformability and elongation properties make it suitable for creating complex parts.
Thanks to the strength and compressibility of the core material, ROVICORE™ FR is adaptable for variable thicknesses in composite parts.
The core is highly permeable, facilitating rapid resin flow
- No "filtering" of fillers
- Uniform wet-out throughout the reinforcement

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