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Fully Automated Viscosity and Rheology Measurement - NEW and UNIQUE

(PresseBox) (Augst, ) Automated viscosity measurements expandable with rheology, combined with our proprietary overhead gravimetric dispensing and our software allows you to automatically dispense virtually any ingredient (solids, liquids of different viscosity, pastes, and even melted waxes) and subsequently measure the viscosity of formulated products. Clean, reproducible and well documented, day by day!

Key Advantages:
- Automated unattended viscosity measurement
- 3 minutes per sample
- Expand your workflow capabilities (e.g. Rheology,viscosity, adjustment, density, pH, mixing, powder dispensing and many more probabilities)
- Perfect sample conditioning especially for quality control

Chemspeed Technologies AG

Chemspeed Technologies AG is the leading provider of high-throughput and high-output research & development workflow-solutions from single bench-top/standalone automated workstations (powder dispensing - sample preparation - synthesis - process development - formulation - application - testing) up to complete and integrated product development workflows for the entire product development processes in the chemical, material science, renewables & energy, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, specialty chemical, home care, cosmetics and nutrition industries, as well as academia.