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Cascade Microtech Announces Strategic Initiative to Maximize Lab and Fab Investments Via Fully Integrated Measurement Systems

New approach includes measurement accuracy assurance

(PresseBox) (BEAVERTON, OREGON, ) In response to the ever-increasing cost associated with developing new process nodes, today Cascade Microtech announced a new initiative to develop integrated measurement systems for on-wafer semiconductor device characterization and process development. This innovative approach results in increased performance and accuracy as well as better, faster service and support and renders obsolete the traditional practice of bolting together system elements from multiple vendors.

Because each system is designed from the ground up to optimize measurement capability, Cascade Microtech's integrated measurement systems offer the industry's only certified measurement accuracy. The first such system, also being announced today, is the EDGE Flicker Noise Measurement System (see press release dated May 19, 2008: Cascade Microtech Offers Industry's First Fully Integrated Flicker Noise Measurement System).

"When it comes to highly sensitive measurements, the traditional approach of piecing together a system is simply not good enough," said Cascade Microtech CEO Geoff Wild. "Our customers need solutions that are going to solve their problems, not create new ones. Only truly integrated measurement systems can give our customers the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing they are going to get accurate and repeatable results."

"Chartered sees potential benefit in fully integrated measurement systems, such as guaranteed measurement accuracy and single-vendor support, which would translate into a more secure investment for companies like Chartered," said Dr. Sanford Chu, vice president, device technology division, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing. "We applaud Cascade Microtech for taking the initiative to bring a more integrated approach to on-wafer semiconductor device characterization and process development."

Cascade Microtech's first integrated measurement system, the EDGE Flicker Noise Measurement System, tackles the very difficult challenge of accurately identifying flicker noise, an illusive measurement to obtain. In addition, Cascade Microtech has identified a number of other critical measurement challenges it believes are best solved via integrated measurement systems, which it will roll out in the coming months.

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