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Specimen Harvesting and Analysis in a Single Step

(PresseBox) (Jena, ) Carl Zeiss introduces the SlideCollector 48 for its laser microdissection systems. This new instrument has been specifically developed for expression analyses and applications in immunobiology, stem cell research and forensics. The new collector for the PALM MicroBeam and PALM CombiSystem enables the optimum combination of non-contact Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and AmpliGrid technology. Combined with the RoboMover automatic collection unit, the SlideCollector 48 offers high- purity specimen preparation and direct, subsequent analysis with minimum reaction volumes. The special benefit of the SlideCollector 48 is a simplified work process, as specimen preparation and analysis can be performed on a single carrier, the AmpliGrid. Further examination can also be completed without the need for an additional, time-consuming transfer, i.e. it is faster and safer.

Until now, specimen preparation and analysis had to be completed in two separate work procedures which required larger volumes of liquid. After isolation, the selected specimens had to be transferred to the AmpliGrid - a time consuming process with a high contamination risk. Today, molecular analyses such as expression examinations or sequencing of high-purity specimens from cell cultures or tissue sections can be performed at a single cell level. Here, the AmpliGrid's 48 separate reaction sites, where the harvested single cells are collected in a reaction volume of only 1µl, are particularly beneficial. Cells no longer need to be pooled. Equipping the SlideCollector 48 with an AmpliGrid enables each reaction site to be positioned precisely above the required location of a tissue sample or cell culture. Thanks to its high flexibility, the SlideCollector 48 is compatible with all currently available applications of the PALM MicroBeam and PALM CombiSystem. It is a complex addition to the line of microdissection systems from Carl Zeiss.

With this new unit, Carl Zeiss demonstrates that it is a reliable and innovative partner for users performing molecular-biological examinations of microscopically small structures.