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Isolate single living cells or optimize PCR results

(PresseBox) (Jena, ) With the expansion of its PALM product line, which ensures the absolute purity and protection of samples, Carl Zeiss has created a foundation for all areas of modern biomedical research, where specimen purity is decisive for the success of molecular analyses or the recultivation of cells.

Microdissection systems from Carl Zeiss are based on the successful PALM MicroBeam design. They not only permit gentle isolation of biomolecules and living cell material through contact-free LCM (Laser Capture Microdissection), but also the use of an optical trap based on the redesigned tweezers technology for micro-level manipulation and sorting of cell material. The modules can be used individually or together in the PALM CombiSystem, thus providing ideal working conditions as a research platform – even for complex applications. This provides users with the certainty that they can isolate and manipulate absolutely contamination-free living cells and cell groups, or also biomolecules from cell cultures or heterogeneous tissue structures merely with the aid of laser light.

The ergonomic design of the system software has been optimized, and the optical tweezers in particular have been equipped with new functions. Thanks to the simplified navigation, the software is suitable for both first-time users and customers with high demands on applications. The new functions of the automatic and flexible RoboMover capture unit for high-throughput experiments are particularly noteworthy. Another new feature is the possibility of sample-protecting microdissection in the microtiter plate format.

PALM systems can be easily combined with numerous other ZEISS components, such as the AxioCam camera line or Colibri, the high- resolution LED system for fluorescence applications. The XL PALM S1 incubator for living cell applications has been modified to integrate all system components and enable software- supported temperature control for long-term experiments. Optimized consumables ensure fully automatic, reliable microdissection.

The isolation of single, living cells and cell groups or biomolecules is vital in the life sciences. The research into gene expression patterns, for example, requires a microdissection method – particularly concerning heterogeneous tissue structures – which guarantees that the material is absolutely contamination-free and processed carefully. The preparation and staining of biological tissues and the subsequent examinations are critical processes. However, actual separation, in particular, requires the highest level of precision and purity – because purity is decisive for successful research.

A completely equipped application laboratory providing excellent workflow competencies has been set up at Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH in Bernried to deal with all these issues. Carl Zeiss experts have extensive know-how and many years of experience. Due to the close cooperation with users, the experience gained in laboratory work can be directly applied to the further development of products and features. The highly qualified lab team continuously endeavors to open up new fields of application and validate new methods, making it the ideal partner for all issues concerning laser microdissection applications.