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Fast and Efficient Material Analysis with Axio Vert.A1 from Carl Zeiss

All contrasting techniques with complete flexibility

(PresseBox) (Jena, ) With the Axio Vert.A1, Carl Zeiss is now introducing a compact, inverted light microscope that can be used for different, large test pieces and components. The microscope can be used in metallography and materials testing. Structures are analyzed quickly and efficiently, making it possible to obtain fast information about the properties and quality of the material. Users determine structures such as grain size, grain boundaries, phases and inclusions.

Different magnifications and contrasting techniques form the basis of these extensive analyses. The encoded, five position turret automatically recognizes what magnification is being used and therefore minimizes sources of error. It allows fast change of the objective lenses. During the change, the light manager automatically adapts the light intensity.

The Axio Vert.A1 uses all standard contrasting techniques in reflected light: brightfield, darkfield, DIC, C-DIC, fluorescence and polarization contrast. Brightfield, polarization and phase contrast are available in transmitted light. The four piece reflector turret allows convenient switching between the contrasting techniques.