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Cost-reducing and Compact

ZEISS Stereomicroscope with LED illumination

(PresseBox) (JENA/Germany, MUNICH/Germany, ) Carl Zeiss enhances the performance of its Stemi DV4 stereomicroscope with a new illumination system. The Stemi DV4 on the C LED stand features integrated LED illumination units for reflected light, transmitted light and mixed light and therefore provides excellent light intensity with low power consumption and a long service life of the illumination system (approx. 25,000 operating hours). Thanks to white light illumination in daylight quality, the objects are visualized in high contrast and natural colors. Furthermore, the "cold" LED light without any infrared portions protects the specimen. These benefits of the Stemi DV4 on the C LED stand are particularly advantageous when magnified, 3D observation of small objects is required in high quality, e.g. at routine workstations in biomedical laboratories, in industrial production and quality inspection, and for training in schools and scientific institutions.

Compared to the previous halogen illumination system, the C LED stand offers brighter and more homogeneous illumination of the object field - with considerably lower costs as power consumption has been halved and the long service life of the LED systems makes bulb replacement unnecessary.

The C LED stand provides the well-known, time-tested benefits of the Stemi DV4, such as 4:1 zoom range, standard magnification range of 8x to 32x and a 92 mm working distance. The Stemi DV4 offers the best optical quality in this class of stereomicroscopes thanks to mechanically corrected zoom optics, parfocal and distortion-free imaging up to the edge of the object field and eyepieces that can be adjusted on both sides. Attachment systems enable magnifications from 5x to 64x and enhanced resolution. Additional benefits of the Stemi DV4 on the C LED stand include the out-of-the-box design featuring illumination in reflected/ transmitted/ mixed light and the possibility of flexibly upgrading the system with various accessories such as transmitted-light darkfield equipment and an eyepiece measuring device.

The Stemi DV4 stereomicroscope on the C LED stand permits the use of digital photo or video cameras via an eyepiece adapter. AxioVision software from Carl Zeiss is also available for image capture and evaluation.