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Assessing Structural Parameters

Carl Zeiss now also offers a comparative diagram module for AxioVision software for use in materials microscopy

(PresseBox) (Jena, ) The "Comparative diagram" module now allows convenient on-screen assessment of structural parameters for materials scientists and quality assurance staff working with microscopes and AxioVision software from Carl Zeiss. The module permits an interactive comparison of defined parameters and replaces the current use of comparative diagram charts.

The new software module can be used on all ZEISS microscopes with camera and AxioVision software. It enables different views of the images. On request, Carl Zeiss will produce customized comparative diagrams which can be used in addition to the diagrams taken from standards.

As an aid for the comparative examination of specimens on the microscope, a comparative diagram is a collection of images to which specific properties have been allocated. These may be, for example, structural features or good/bad preparation. The images of the specimens to be examined are displayed together with the comparative diagrams on the screen, allowing convenient assessment of the specimens. Standards for grain size analysis and steel purity testing are included in the software package.