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3D Measuring Software

3D Measurement of Specimens

(PresseBox) (Jena, ) The "3D Measurement" software module for 3D evaluation of microscope photos in the field of life sciences is an addition to the AxioVision software from Carl Zeiss. In combination with the Inside4D module, it is used for the segmentation of objects in the 3D volume model including a 3D view and the generation of a binary image. The latter can be edited using the 3D binary image editor. In addition, the module permits the user to measure interactively by clicking on individual objects in the 3D view or to automatically measure the entire image stack.

"3D Measurement" offers the user flexible selection of functions. In addition to the possibility of easy, intuitive segmentation of 3D objects, the module provides real 3D measuring parameters for the individual objects. These include volume, surface area, mean gray scale value and total number of objects in the image as well as the proportion of individual objects in the overall volume of the complete image stack. Further functions include the definition of measuring parameters and conditions, the interactive adaptation of parameter settings and the determination of distances, angles and points. These features can be used in the life sciences to reconstruct and measure 3D objects in image stacks and to compute morphometric and densitometric parameters.