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Flexibility and safety in core making facilities

(PresseBox) (Haan, ) The work in core making facilities for casting moulds is often extremely hazardous to health and environment, since the harmful and toxic chemical "ethyldimethylamine" is commonly added to the core sand. This fluid speeds up the curing process of the cores.

The ethyldimethylamine tanks are mostly fed by a hose line. When replacing empty containers the hose is unscrewed and removed so that remaining quantities of the hazardous fluid may easily escape, forcing the user to wear cumbersome protective clothing while replacing the tanks.

WALTHER-PRÄZISION provides a safe, environmentally friendly and clean solution: clean break couplings of the BF series. The couplings of this series meet highest demands on operating safety, residual leakage and reliability. The patented adaptor guide and the ball face front surfaces on the coupling halves ensure an easy connection and seal off the coupling before the valves open. Additionally, the special valve design makes for a perfect clean break effect because there is no "dead volume"!

In a field test at a well-known manufacturer we demonstrated the advantages of these couplings. Up to now all of their core making facilities have been fitted with couplings of the BF series. The replacement of chemical containers has thus become a clean job.

Benefits of the BF series for core making at a glance:
- quick replacement of tanks
- leakage-free connection / no escape of fluid
- no health hazards
- no environmental pollution
- smooth surfaces make it easy to clean
- one-hand operation
- reliable and long-lasting due to modified seal materials
- no protective clothing required

Thanks to this development, damage to health or the environment is finally a thing of the past!!

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