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caprotec bioanalytics awarded 0.6 m € grant for research and development

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) caprotec bioanalytics GmbH announced today that they won a grant of up to 0.6 million € over a period of two years from the Federal State of Berlin and the European Union Regional Development Fund (ERDF, or Europäischer Fond für regionale Entwicklung, EFRE).

The grant is awarded to be used in the research and development of novel Capture Compounds(TM) and caproKits(TM) for the analysis of proteins involved in signal transduction.

Caprotec bioanalytics has developed the Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) technology, a novel and direct way to investigate small molecule ? protein interactions resulting in a significant functional reduction of proteome complexity. Capture Compounds enable to directly isolate and identify selected proteins including membrane proteins out of any complex biological sample.

"Signal transduction proteins are important for many regulatory processes in the cell and a better understanding of these processes is key for the discovery and development of new medicines. Our caproKits will enable the analysis of signal transduction proteins with small molecules and thus help to advance research in this important area", stated Dr. Hubert Köster, CEO of caprotec bioanalytics.

About European regional development fund (ERDF)

The ERDF aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions. In short, the ERDF finances:
- direct aid to investments in companies (in particular SMEs) to create sustainable jobs;
- infrastructures linked notably to research and innovation, telecommunications, environment, energy and transport;
- financial instruments (capital risk funds, local development funds, etc.) to support regional and local development and to foster cooperation between towns and regions;
- technical assistance measures.

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caprotec bioanalytics GmbH

caprotec bioanalytics GmbH is a Berlin?based biotech company focusing on the commercialization of its proprietary Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry (CCMS) technology. The core of the CCMS technology consists of small, tri?functional molecules called capture compounds (CCs). They enable a targeted isolation of proteins directly from complex biological samples. After isolation the captured proteins are identified and characterized by mass spectrometry. Providing a state?of?the?art platform for the isolation and analysis of proteins from complex mixtures, the CCMS technology has enormous potential in proteomics, drug development and the development of biomarkers. The technology is protected by a broad patent portfolio.

caprotec bioanalytics was founded in 2006 by Prof. Dr. Hubert Köster, a long?experienced innovator and serial entrepreneur in the field of biotech. His track records include the foundation of Biosyntech, the first biotech company in Germany, the co?foundation of Milligen/Biosearch and the foundation of Sequenom Inc. As CEO and President of Sequenom he was responsible for one of the most successful US biotech IPOs at the NASDAQ.

After closing a financing round of EUR 6 million caprotec bioanalytics started operations in January 2008 in Berlin?Adlershof. The company is supported by an international scientific advisory board including one Nobel Laureate.