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CANopen profile for rail-vehicle coupling

(PresseBox) (Nuremberg, ) CANopen is submitted to IEC to be standardized as rail-vehicle network (61375-3-3). The CAN in Automation (CiA) users and manufacturers group is also specifying several CANopen application profiles for rail-vehicles sub-systems. Recently the nonprofit organization has released the version 1.0 of the CiA 421-9 vehicle linkage sub-system profile. The CANopen profile 421 series 421 (application profile for rail-vehicle control network) specifies the interfaces to sub-systems. The CiA 421-9 specification describes the interface to the vehicle-linkage sub-system. Via this CANopen interface all required data is exchanged that is relevant to control full-automatic couplings. Full-automatic couplings handle all connections between the rail-vehicles such as e.g. electrical or electrical automatically, without human interaction. In addition, the profile offers already the option to equip the vehicle linkage device with CANopen safety. Such devices could communicate the safety-related data in parallel to the control data on the same CANopen network. No additional wiring would be required. The already released specifications for rail-vehicle applications comprise also several parts e.g. for door, lighting, traction, and other control sub systems. Under development is the interface specification for CANopen-to-WTB.