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Even greater comfort and well-being

Bürstner has opted for a streamlined and distinctly upgraded range of models for the 2014 season, including the "fifty five" edition and a revamped motorhome series

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The rebirth of the upgraded panel van City Car, the new fifty five edition named to mark the 55th anniversary of the long-established company, and a revamped Viseo, these are the stars amongst the new additions to the Bürstner range of motorhomes. For the 2014 season, the German and European market leader in partially integrated vehicles has also streamlined its range of models and reinforced the sense of unlimited comfort and well-being with a whole host of feature upgrades. The entire range now enjoys a higher technical specification; in addition to the City Car, the Viseo, Aviano and Elegance models have all been given a great new exterior look, while living space in the Nexxo, Viseo, Aviano and Argos has also been redesigned. The new range offers 41 different models and floor plans and has been restructured in cooperation with the Customer Advisory Council and as a result of dealer feedback.

As for caravans, the Averso plus has been comprehensively redesigned and the Premio given a great new interior. Significant technical improvements have been made to all four caravan series from Bürstner, with the range offering a total of 38 floor plans and model variations.

Effective protection against hail

One of the most important technical innovations is the hail-resistant roof that, with the single exception of the City Car panel van, is now offered as standard on all new Bürstner motorhomes. Installed on the roof of the vehicle, the glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) will easily withstand even heavy hail to reliably prevent damage. Many insurance companies offer reduced comprehensive policy premiums to the owners of vehicles with such systems, meaning that the customer not only avoids frustration and hassle after hailstorms, but also saves hard cash. Meanwhile, the Brevio, Viseo, Elegance and Grand Panorama series have all been fitted with new XPS side walls boasting enhanced k-values and a more robust quality.

New upholstery concept

Two new finishes are available for the interior of the motorhomes in the shape of the Mora Pine and Aceto decorative styles. Particular eye-catchers, however, are the new upholstery designs that give interiors a highly individual touch thanks to the multitude of combination options. The four basic textiles, two basic Nova Quality fabrics and two real leather options can all be combined with pre-studded throw cushions in various colours and designs to create a truly personal style. Ranging from a classical, understated decor to strong single colours, either end of the scale affords the living space in a Bürstner motorhome its own unique and unmistakable air. With cushion covers that can also be easily removed for cleaning, this innovative design solution also benefits seating comfort.

Made-to-measure bedding

Another unique feature is the made-to-measure fitted sheets that Bürstner is now offering for all new fixed beds and bunk beds. Gone are the days when folds in the sheets hampered a good night's sleep and overhanging corners waited for someone to trip on them. The new season also sees the addition of cold foam mattresses on all fixed beds and bunk beds, consequently providing optimum night time comfort. The new TV cabinet also acknowledges more sophisticated demands and now provides space for screen sizes of up to 21 inches.

Wider door

Fitted on all fifty five, Viseo and Grand Panorama models and all newly introduced floor plans, the new door enables easier and more comfortable access. 70 centimetres wide, with dual seals and perfect closing attributes, the door not only affords easy access, but thanks to the inside hinge location also creates a harmonious exterior look and, above all, improves protection against break-ins. The particularly smooth action of the integrated handle makes it extremely easy to operate. Windows with roller blinds, fly screens and a waste container are all available as standard or as optional extras depending on the series model.

Ready for winter with hot water heating

Given the increasing demand for motorhomes that are particularly suited to winter temperatures, the Alde hot water heating system is already a standard feature on the top range of Bürstner models. In the upcoming season, the system is now also being offered as an optional extra on the Nexxo models and the Aviano series (with the exception of the i 695), while it is included as standard in the Aviano i 840.

Comprehensive features at a great price: the fifty five edition

The fifty five edition adds a newly styled version to the range of Bürstner motorhomes and was named to mark the company's 55th anniversary. All of the four various models are marked by their high-quality, comprehensive features and extremely favourable price. Moreover, the floor plans of the fifty five range are only available in this top-of-the-range series and not the standard range; another feature that sets this highly appealing premium model apart from the rest.

The fifty five models are notable for their graphite-coloured cabs that, in combination with the perfectly coordinated external graphics, will make the vehicles instantly recognisable. Additional features of the eye-catching fifty five package include alloy wheels in a black polished look and the LED daytime running lights. The entrance doors come in a comfortable width of 70 centimetres and incorporate the convenient coupe entry, which, with the access step lowered makes getting in and out of the motorhome considerably easier. Depending on the model, garage doors on each side of the back end facilitate easy loading, while a lowered rear drops the loading sill to a lower level. A camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle transfers images during reversing directly to the monitor of the high-grade Zenec Naviceiver, a combined audio and navigation system that also displays camping-specific information about campsites, parking areas and access heights. Inside, the fifty five models are finished in a warm Mora Pine décor. Other additional features are the reinforced bathroom doors with new door handles and a wood-finish replacing the upholstered panels on the fixed beds.

As a standard, the vehicle is equipped with a 2.3 litre Fiat Ducato diesel engine offering 130 horsepower that also meets the Euro 5 emission standard. ESP and ASR are similarly fitted as standard, along with two airbags and electrically heated and adjustable external mirrors. The steering wheel has a leather cover, while the dashboard is upgraded with aluminium inlays. Cruise control and air conditioning are also part and parcel of the vehicle, as are an awning, a skyroof allowing excellent lighting into the interior and a 160-litre-capacity fridge.

Launching the range are two Nexxo versions, the t 685 fifty five incorporating a laterally positioned queen-size bed at the rear and a separate shower cubicle, and the t 690 fifty five with single beds and a garage at the rear. As with all the other fifty five versions, the floor plan differs from the standard Nexxo series.

Not just for the city: the City Car

The launch of the Bürstner City Car is accompanied by new floor plans and a comprehensive range of engines. As with all Bürstner motorhomes, the upgraded panel van weighing up to 3,500 kilograms uses the Fiat Ducato as a base vehicle and offers engines generating between 130 and 177 horsepower. Three models are available: the floor plan of the C 550 has a transverse double bed at the rear, together with a separate shower room equipped with a cassette toilet. The model has space for up to four campers on tour, with the dinette located on the left providing cosy seating. The pilot seats for the driver and passenger also rotate to add extra places. The C 600 and the alternative C 640 floor plan (with single beds) have a total length of 6.36 metres, while the C 600 measures just 5.99 metres. Tinted windows bolster the exterior design and also allow for privacy in the living area. Both rear windows can be opened, while all-round combination roller blinds are also standard.

Successful launch: the Brevio

Unveiled last year, the Brevio has made a start truly worthy of its name: simply bravo! The compact, nippy vehicle, with the large rear hatch, fulfils the wishes of many customers who don't just want to use their vehicle for weekends away or long holidays, but also want one for everyday use. Replacing the t 600 floor plan, the t 605 now meets the demands for even greater space. The transverse double bed at the rear has been swapped for a drop-down bed to simplify the bed-building process. In the new t 645, the drop-down bed also complements the lower sleeping area, which functions as seating for four during the daytime. As a result, even a camping party of four can now tour in an extremely compact motorhome without having to forego their creature comforts. The Brevio is also equipped with a hail-resistant roof.

Smart vehicle: the Travel Van

The Travel Van enters the new season with two floor plans and an unaltered concept. Overall, the list of features has been expanded to include a USB port to load smartphones or netbooks. The fixed beds now also boast cold foam mattresses, with made-to-measure fitted sheets included as standard. Ultimately, the model is noted for its compact dimensions and excellent value for money.

Considerable upgrade: the Nexxo

The Nexxo is one of the most popular selling motorhomes in the Bürstner range of models. Moreover, with the two premium models in the shape of the fifty five t 685 and the fifty five t 690, the series is bound to gain even greater popularity thanks to the major appeal of these top-of-the-range versions. Nexxo motorhomes will also be equipped with a hail-resistant GRP roof in the upcoming season. The enlarged doors on the top models and the coupe entry with integrated step on all the models have rendered the electrically operated step superfluous on this series of motorhomes: yet another benefit for the customer. All floor plans with single beds now have much easier access to the sleeping area, with large anti-slip steps simplifying the task of getting in and out of the raised beds in the rear. Extra switches in the living and sleeping areas make it easier to operate the lighting, while a USB port in the living area is now also fitted as standard. Last but not least, the TV cabinet has also been enlarged to offer space for TVs with screen sizes of up to 21 inches. All in all, the Nexxo range offers five different floor plans.

Model update in the mid-range category: the Ixeo time

Bürstner has made history with the Ixeo and the innovative drop-down bed concept in this series. Suddenly it was possible to offer compact motorhomes with more than just two fixed beds, which truly struck a chord with many campers wishing to take their children (or grandchildren) along on a trip. Overnight visitors could also be comfortably accommodated. To date this had generally been the exclusive domain of the alcove class or much larger integrated or partially integrated vehicles. The new model year sees the Ixeo time boast a whole host of technical and functional upgrades. A wider entrance door has been incorporated into the new it 586 floor plan. Moreover, the entire series has been equipped with cold foam mattresses on all fixed beds, including the drop-down bed, with made-to-measure fitted sheets now offered as standard. A USB port in the living area is similarly included. The standard fittings also feature a hail-resistant GRP roof. In addition, two fifty five models further enhance the appeal of the Ixeo time series. From a construction perspective, the models remain unchanged for the new season.

The trendsetter: Ixeo

The Bürstner Ixeo is the trendsetter when it comes to partially integrated motorhomes. As the first vehicle of its kind to be equipped with a drop-down bed, it considerably expanded the options in terms of motorhome usability. The new model year sees the innovations appearing throughout the entire range also incorporated into the Ixeo, including a hail-resistant GRP roof, a USB port in the living area and fitted sheets on all fixed and single beds. The Ixeo Plus is no longer available.

Compact, light, great value: the new Viseo

The new and entirely redesigned Viseo is Bürstner's response to the increasing demand for compact, easy-to-handle motorhomes. The new width of 2.2 metres makes driving on narrow minor roads a straightforward task, while passing through built-up areas is also much easier to master. A selection of engines offers outputs of 130, 148 and 177 horsepower. As such, this integrated motorhome ensures safe and efficient travel in all situations, including when fully loaded (up to 4,250 kilogram gross axle weight). Inspired by long-distance luxury coaches, the dropped exterior mirrors on the Viseo afford superior rear vision. Also included as standard is a hail-resistant GRP roof. The redesigned front section and reduced dimensions of the front end enhance the Viseo's overview for the driver, while access to the engine compartment has also been considerably improved. A new 70-cm-wide cabin door enables comfortable and easy access into the motorhome. The series has three floor plans on offer for the new season, all of which are equipped with the spacious Vario bathroom. Moreover, single beds in the rear are also an option despite a total length of less than seven metres.

Comfort across the board: the Aviano

Following the repositioning of the Viseo, the Aviano is now the entry model within the integrated range and motorhomes with a classic width of 2.3 metres. This year's new model is immediately recognisable by its elegant, dropped coach mirrors and the new rear spoiler. In all, this model series encompasses four floor plans, two of which are new additions. With a queen-sized bed at the rear, the i 695 offers generous sleeping accommodation, while campers who prefer single beds may well opt for the i 728 or i 840 G, which also have a garage that is accessible from either side of the vehicle. In addition to a 70-centimetre-wide entrance door (on the i 695 and i 840 G), fridges of up to 160 litres in volume, pilot seats in the cab and a GRP hail protection roof are just some of the comprehensive, luxury features on the Aviano.

Impressive look: the Elegance

Bürstner's Elegance models have asserted their position in the motorhome market with singular ease. High-quality workmanship, a more than generous spatial concept, comprehensive standard features and cleverly devised detail solutions make the Elegance the perfect home on wheels during holidays. The series has been upgraded for the new model year. New XPS side walls and an acoustics package have now been added to the Elegance, with dropped coach mirrors akin to the Grand Panorama lending the vehicle additional character. Only the i 895 G floor plan is no longer available.

Fulfilling the wanderlust: the Grand Panorama

The unique view offered by the large windscreen of the Grand Panorama has exclusively positioned Bürstner's top-range motorhome on the market. This feature ultimately won the vehicle the European Innovation Award, a title bestowed by 12 leading trade journals. Alongside the impressive design of this top-of-the-range Bürstner model, the spacious double floor, increased interior headroom and comprehensive luxury features are the essential attributes of the Grand Panorama. Aside from the general technical modifications applied to all Bürstner motorhomes, the Grand Panorama series remains unchanged for the upcoming season. That said, well worth a mention is the new sound system that Bürstner has developed especially for the Grand Panorama in cooperation with the acoustics specialists from Visatone. An additional subwoofer significantly enhances the on-board musical experience and turns the motorhome into a concert hall. All Grand Panorama models are equipped with this system as a standard. In addition, the Grand Panorama features the new 70-cm-wide door. The i 910 G floor plan is no longer available.

Subtle modifications to a successful model: Argos time/Argos

Incorporating the successful double flooring concept, the two alcove models Argos time and Argos have undergone subtle modifications and upgrades for the model changeover year. Improvements added across-the-board to all the ranges, such as the GRP roof and cold foam mattresses with fitted sheets on all fixed beds have also been included on both models, while the Argos has also been upgraded with the new Mora Pine furniture finish. Table and work surfaces colour-coordinated with this design round off the fresh and modern look of the interior. As previously, both models are not only the first choice for hire companies, thanks to their spacious storage areas and living space design, they are also the perfect option to meet the requirements of large families. The Argos encompasses three floor plans, while the top model remains the six-berth Argos A 747 G.

New impetus for hook-up homes

Following a decline in previous months attributable to falling sales in the automotive market, the caravan market is now once again seeing positive development. Bürstner is convinced that the caravan is by no means on its way out and continues to prove its worth as an accepted form of holidaying. Whereas innovations to the models Averso and Averso top formed the focus of development in the previous season, this year all eyes are on the Averso plus and the Averso nature. In addition to numerous new floor plan variations, the new interior design for the Premio series - with fresh, elegant character thanks to the noisette matt finish - complements the range of models on offer from Bürstner for the 2014 caravan season. All in all, the range includes 38 models, 9 of which take the form of the Premio, while the Averso and Averso top are each represented with 13 different interior layouts. The Averso plus has 3 upgraded floor plans on offer for the upcoming model year. Continued in the range is the special model Averso nature, with its unusual exterior graphics and special outdoor accessories to whet the appetite for outdoor adventure. The external walls of the Premio are clad in panels with a hammered finish, while the aluminium outer skins of the Averso and Averso Plus are afforded a finer structure. Ultimately, smooth metal panelling is reserved for the premium model in the shape of the Averso top.

Systematic upholstery and more space for the TV

As with the Bürstner motorhomes, the caravans have also been given new upholstery concepts incorporating enhanced functionality and superior designs. In addition to the standard upholstery designs, the caravans can also be finished with a whole host of colour and pattern variations. The addition of practical, comfortable and colour-coordinated cushions and covers affords a multifaceted look to the basic fabric. At no extra charge, customers are able to choose from four basic fabric designs and eight cushion colour variations. Two basic designs with five coordinating cushion materials are also available in the well-proven and easy-to-clean Nova quality fabric for a small extra charge. The range of upholstery also includes two leather variations in long-life quality for all models with the exception of the Premio. To enhance night time comfort, all fixed beds and bunk beds are now being equipped with cold foam mattresses, with made-to-measure fitted sheets included as standard.

The flat-screen multimedia cabinet has also been upgraded to meet enhanced customer requirements for TV entertainment. Closed with an aluminium-coloured roller shutter, the new cabinet offers space for screen sizes of up to 21 inches. Moreover, thanks to the adjustable TV mounting, programmes can be watched from various positions in the caravan with the same picture quality.

New heating system for greater comfort

Marked by its modern design and simple operation, the new Truma S 3004 heating unit is a standard feature in the Premio and Averso plus series. With an optimised fan to ensure enhanced, low-noise distribution of warm air, the S 3004 has a heating output of 3.5 kW. Alternatively, the optional S 5004 heating system has a 6 kW output. The stylish front panel heats up to a considerably lower level than previously, while even greater precision in terms of temperature control is now possible owing to a more sensitive burner control. In addition, thanks to a rubber coating on the switches, the controls are easier to handle. Gas consumption for the S 3004 is between 30 and 280 g/h, while that of the S 5004 is between 40 and 480 g/h.

Entry-level for selective individuals: the Premio

Starting off in the world of caravaning need not be expensive or spartan. As standard, the Bürstner Premio already has all the ingredients you need for a successful and relaxing holiday. Thanks to the lightweight platform that saves up to 40 kilograms in weight, it is the ideal caravan for small and compact towing vehicles. As an example, the basic Premio 395 TS model weights just 860 kilograms. This allows for a loading capacity of 240 kilograms, which can also be increased to 1.2 or 1.3 tonnes by increasing the load rating.

In addition to the upgrading of the interior with the new noisette matt furniture finish, the floor plans of the 450 TS, 485 TK and 550 TK include new, flush-fitting basins: all in all, providing an exceptionally harmonious look. A garage hatch on the left-hand side of the Premio 550 TK and a maxi-fridge with a capacity of 160 litres on the 495 TK and 550 TK floor plans are further new additions to the series, all of which can be ordered as an option.

Broad variety in the mid-range category: the Averso

Established in the mid-range is the Averso, which has three new floor plans to offer for the 2014 season. With a total length of less than 7.5 metres, the 455 TS includes a generous queen-size bed and also reintroduces the popular rear kitchen into the series. The 460 TS is notable for the even larger kitchen, spacious seating area and expansive longitudinal bed. Also new is the fully revamped single bed version, the 475 TL, which comes with an upgraded washroom and wardrobe solution. The fourth new offering takes the shape of the 485 TS, with a queen-sized bed at the front and a round seating area together with generous living space to the rear. Further details also included in the new model for this year are a spare wheel mounting in the front locker and a Midi Heki roof vent.

"Table - be set!" The Averso top

As a sophisticated alternative to the Averso, look no further than the Averso top within the Bürstner caravan range. Apart from a number of enhanced details, the series - which was upgraded last year - remains unchanged for the new season. However, one feature that has been redesigned is the single-column table supplied with this caravan series. Offering improved functionality and greater stability, it can also be extended into a large table for festive meals with friends. Upgraded features applied to the entire range, such as the new TV cabinet, cold foam mattresses on all fixed beds and bunk beds and the matching fitted sheets, are naturally also part and parcel of the Averso top.

A new shape: the Averso plus

Dynamics and harmonious lines are the decisive criteria in terms of any up-to-date, modern design. The new Averso plus design for the 2014 season meets both these requirements. Its outline is marked by flowing lines that the front and rear harmoniously embrace. The new exterior graphics stylishly match the Bürstner range of models and clearly characterise the Averso plus as a member of the Averso family. Inside, a cosy ambience prevails thanks to fresh look furniture and high-quality workmanship. Flat-faced furniture hatches, a redesigned lighting system with LED bands and cleverly accentuated nuances of light always set just the right tone for any occasion.

Numerous other improvements in relation to its predecessor also lend the model greater functionality and comfort. As an example, the washroom has been set at an angle on some floor plans to allow easier access, while the 410 TS has been extended by 8 centimetres to create more storage space in the kitchen. This has also been completely redesigned. The control knobs on the three-burner gas hob are set into the front plate, while the burners have piezo-electric ignition. The fridge capacity has been upgraded to 104 litres as standard. High-quality fittings in the washroom and the kitchen sink also leave nothing to be desired.

The whole ensemble is mounted on the Bürstner lightweight platform, which this year not only enables considerable savings in terms of weight, but has also been upgraded to include improved insulation. Despite its 50 millimetre thickness, the flooring has reduced the unladen weight by up to 40 kilograms. Previously an area of heat loss that was overlooked, the wheel arches have also been generously insulated.

I want to be free: Averso nature

Heading off into the great outdoors and gearing up for adventure. The Averso nature is the perfect solution when you need to escape for a while and is an ideal lifestyle caravan for outdoor fans. Inspiration for the caravan first presented in Stuttgart in the spring was the increasing number of SUVs evident on the roads, which truly whet the appetite for an individual lifestyle. The Averso nature has a spare wheel at the rear, a roof rail with ladder, aluminium wheels and its very own off-road characterised look. Anthracite-coloured protective panelling runs along the lower superstructure around the entire body, while bear paw prints wander over the side walls.

The interior draws on the revamped floor plan of the Averso 475 TL, with extra-long single beds at the front and a convertible round seating area at the back. The two wardrobes above the beds have been replaced by a new larger cupboard. After all, outdoor clothing needs quite a bit of space.

The features of this caravan for the great outdoors also include rigid stabiliser legs complete with Big Foot stabilising pads, a soft jockey wheel and smooth-panelled body. As an optional extra, an electric SE Mover is also available for the Averso nature, which makes manoeuvring easier - and not just on soft ground.

Successfully combatting the slump in sales

Lower turnover, but sound revenue

The slump in sales in Europe outside Germany has left its mark. After a turnover of EUR 334 million in the previous financial year, sales for this season amounted to a mere EUR 280 million. The budget for the next accounting period forecasts a slight increase in this figure to EUR 290 million. One of the reasons for the nonetheless positive earnings position was a large order for over 200 mobile homes, which despite all the financial difficulties, still enjoy major popularity in Italy. In addition to the production of motorhomes and caravans, Bürstner has always operated in this business segment. Meanwhile, Bürstner has successfully defended its position as the market leader in partially integrated vehicles. Indeed, in many countries including Germany, the UK, France, the Scandinavian nations and Europe as a whole, partially integrated motorhomes from Bürstner are amongst the most popular selling models.

In terms of the new season, production planning is based on a figure of 2,200 caravans and a consistent volume of 5,000 motorhomes. The number of employees, currently standing at 645 personnel in Kehl and 391 at Bürstner SA in Wissembourg, will be adjusted in line with changing conditions in the market. In effect, there will be a slight reduction by way of normal fluctuation. The level of investment in the new financial year is set at around EUR 10 million, with the greater part of this relating to measures to achieve sustainable production. As an example, the roofing on the production halls is being replaced with a translucent and highly insulating construction. In turn, this will result in a significantly improved energy footprint and considerably greater efficiency in terms of workplace ergonomics. An investment of EUR 3 million has also been earmarked for the development of new models and improving body constructions.

Price movements are extremely moderate, with increases at well below the rate of inflation. In fact, taking into account the feature upgrades applied to the entire range, prices actually remain stable. Bürstner has achieved these cost savings through more efficient purchasing and enhanced streamlining of production processes and has been able to pass these benefits on to the customer.
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