An anniversary characterised by market leadership

Bürstner celebrates 25 years of motorhomes

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Bürstner is celebrating an anniversary. The company began producing motorhomes at the main plant in Kehl-Neumühl 25 years ago.

The creative minds in the development departments have been putting their ingenuity and resourcefulness to work ever since, creating trends and continuously making an impact on the industry.

The revamping of the interior design was one of the first breaks with long-standing traditions, which had hardly ever been questioned up to that point. Light furniture with clear lines and smooth fronts put an end to the elaborate "Gelsenkirchen Baroque" era, which had previously prevailed in motorhomes and caravans. As a result, many people rediscovered their passion for holidaying on wheels. In response, nearly all competitors revised their interior design styles as well.

A freshening up of the exterior design with colourful and elegant graphics soon followed. To this day, Bürstner makes every effort to keep its innovative and clever wheels turning to create new and inspiring solutions. In recent years, Bürstner's almost revolutionary development has attracted quite a bit of attention. The fold-down bed in low-profile coachbuilt vehicles, a Bürstner innovation, marked the beginning of a new era and a new class of motorhomes. Using this technically refined and practical solution, two extra berths were added to semi-integrated motorhomes, without giving up any comfort whatsoever.

This inventiveness and hard work are now being rewarded in Bürstner's anniversary year. After becoming the market leader in France, Norway and Spain, the company is now number one in its home country of Germany.

Travel Van, Ixeo and Ixeo plus reinterpreted

The three model ranges Travel Van, Ixeo and Ixeo plus have been completely revised for the 2012 season. Their new exterior design integrates them perfectly into the Bürstner model range. Above all, a redesigned roofline casts the two model series Ixeo and Ixeo plus in a bright new light. The stylishly modelled cappuccino, the roof cover above the cab, not only offers room for a larger skyroof to let in more light, but is also the basis for the improved interior headroom in the living area, which has been increased by a full five centimetres. It creates an airy, spacious atmosphere and significantly boosts the level of comfort. New, larger wall cupboards under the fold-down bed provide more storage space and create a new, cosy ambiance. The Travel Van can now also be ordered in the new exterior colour lago blue, which adds significant value to the entry-level model series. In the future the interior furniture will have a modern, light sen ash finish.

Caravan model series in a new look

The development of caravans has also been seeing considerable activity. The model series Premio and Trecento, for example, feature new exterior designs, while the Premio, Averso and Averso plus have been given an interior facelift as well. The Premio now has a chic exterior in a white hammered finish design with modernised Bürstner graphics. Additional applications on the edges create smooth transitions in the exterior look, thus giving the Premio a harmonious appearance. The complete revamping of the furniture in a sen ash finish additionally adds a fresh, young look and makes it a worthy representative of the upper entry-level class. The Trecento shines in the luxury segment in its new exterior design featuring smooth metal panelling in opal.

Successful financial year: more employees, more sales

In a stabilising market for recreational vehicles, the economic factors at Bürstner could hardly be better. The company boosted its sales to 330 million euros after posting 290 million euros the year before. Klaus-Peter Bolz, Managing Director of Bürstner GmbH, described the earnings as extremely satisfying. "We were able to achieve this thanks to prudent management and a convincing model policy", Bolz said.

Plans for the new season envisage the sale of 3,500 caravans, thus comparable to last year's level. In the motorhome segment, sales are expected to increase from 5,000 to 5,800 units.

Bürstner currently has a total of 984 employees, 50 more than in the same period last year. Of those employees, 601 work in the main plant in Kehl, 383 are employed in the branch factory in Wissembourg, and 25 are either technical or commercial apprentices.

Caravan innovations

In the 2012 model year, Bürstner will be offering a total of 43 different floor plans in five caravan model series. The Premio is positioned in the upper entry-level class, while both the Averso and the Averso plus fall into the mid-range segment. With a combined total of 27 different models, they exhibit the greatest variety in the product line-up. The Belcanto model series is at home in the upper mid-range segment, while the Trecento covers the demand for luxury caravans. In the future all caravans will feature uniform Bürstner graphics with expressive colours and harmonious profiles, thus bolstering brand presence on the roads and campsites and leading to a marked recognition effect.

Depending on the model, the customer can choose from up to four exterior colours in the new model year. The Premio, Averso, Averso plus and Belcanto come in white with a hammered finish as standard. For the Averso, smooth metal panelling versions in white and silver are also available. In addition to mint and silver in a hammered finish, the Averso plus is also available in the Jungle Edition with smooth metal panelling. The Belcanto can also be ordered in silver with a hammered finish as well as white or silver with smooth metal panelling. The basic Trecento model already features the opal paint option, although this caravan is also available in white with smooth metal panelling upon request.

Twelve exclusive upholstery designs are available to choose from in 2012, seven of which are new and give the interiors of Bürstner caravans an exclusive, cosy look and feel. The durable and soft upholstery theme Nova remains part of the range in the designs Amber, Rosso and Salsa, as do the leather options Strada and Eston.

The new "Geneva" upholstery is being offered as standard in the Premio model series, with "Coventry" setting new standards in the Averso and Averso plus. The Nova Amber option is standard in the Averso fifty. The Belcanto features the "Madeira" theme, while the Trecento is decked out in "Atlanta".

All spruced up: the Premio

The designers and interior designers have devoted particular attention to the Premio. The product line-up features four new floor plans, thus rounding off the range in this model series. A practical change is the altered arrangement of the gas manifold, which has disappeared behind the cutlery drawer, yet can still be reached quickly and easily. The furniture design in a sen ash finish adorns the Premio even in the basic model, while all models feature the new awning light with LED technology for less energy consumption and better lighting. All Premio models from the new year now have a full 1.95 metres of interior headroom.

Moderately renovated: the Averso

Bürstner's Averso product range now has a new interior look. The amaranth furniture finish creates a sense of cosiness, with new, solid handles and harmoniously shaped storage cabinet doors contributing to this as well. The 8-series Dometic refrigerators now have a curved door, while the new awning light with LED technology is now also part of the Averso's standard features.

The benefits of extra space: the Averso plus

The plus in the Averso plus doesn't refer to the length of the cabin, but to the extra berths on board. The idea of having a fold-down bed in a caravan was developed at Bürstner two years ago. It was designed for those campers who don't necessarily need a large caravan, but are looking for a compact vehicle that offers a full-size, extra bed for two people - precisely what is found in the fold-down bed above the seating area, which can be lowered either manually or electrically (optional). In the Averso plus the amaranth furniture finish has replaced golden teak, with the curved door on the refrigerator and the LED awning lights being additional upgrades.

For the most sophisticated demands: Belcanto and Trecento

The two luxury caravans in the Bürstner model range are kicking off the new season with a few small changes. The Trecento's new awning light and new standard exterior look in opal with smooth metal panelling are worth mentioning. Wooden slatted frames with an adjustable headboard for better reading comfort are now also available (except in floor plans with bunk beds). The wooden slatted frames are mounted into solid rubber supports. Both model series are available in eight different floor plans.

Better sleeping comfort in all caravans

In the 2012 season Bürstner is emphasising the use of cold-foam mattresses, since sleeping comfort continues to play an important role. This decision resulted from the initial evaluations of the customer advisory council, which Bürstner launched last year. Whether in an entry-level or luxury model, in the future all bunk beds will be equipped with high-quality foam mattresses, while top-quality cold-foam mattresses will guarantee comfort in fixed beds (option in the Premio). The single bed for two with a roll-up bed base is once again an option in all TL models. In just a matter of seconds, the roll-up bed base can be pulled out and the gap in the corridor closed with upholstered cushions. Two single beds can thus be transformed into a lavish berth measuring 2 x 2 m. Customers desiring this option must choose it when purchasing their Bürstner caravan as the single bed for two cannot be retrofitted.

Manoeuvring made easy: the Mover SE R

As an optional feature for the new model year, Bürstner has added an electrically operated manoeuvring system called Mover SE R to its range. Using a remote control, the caravan automatically rolls into the desired position simply and securely, even on low ground. The electric drive mechanism weighs 33 kilograms and can manoeuvre caravans weighing up to 2,000 kilograms. Installing the drive mechanism is simple, with no drilling into the drawbar required. The system can help to overcome inclines of up to 15% on campsites when used continuously, while 20% inclines - corresponding to the incline of wheel chocks - can be mastered when used for brief intervals. Bürstner offers the Mover SE R for the Averso, Averso plus, Belcanto and Trecento model series.

The new floor plans:
Premio: 385 TN, 385 TS, 395 TS, 550 TK
Averso plus: 465 TS


Bürstner is starting the 2012 model year with eleven motorhome ranges and a total of 51 models, 18 of which have been redeveloped and are based on frequent customer requests concerning interior design. A 160-litre refrigerator, the spacious bathroom and the L-shaped kitchen were at the very top of this wish list. All furnishing features were implemented to the extent possible. In the future, Bürstner will be using the Fiat Ducato exclusively for all motorhome model series. In the past this reliable and versatile transporter has proven to be an optimal vehicle for the cabin, both for the scuttle chassis used in integrated motorhomes, as well as for the chassis with a cab used in the semi-integrated and alcove models. Bürstner is also increasingly relying on the use of the ALKO AMC chassis, which provides outstanding road performance and also reduces unladen weight by up to 120 kilograms, thus enabling new floor plans in the weight category of up to 3.5 tonnes.

In the floor plans with fixed beds, the new season's models exclusively use cold-foam mattresses that are 14 cm thick and have a density of 37 kg/m3.In addition, Bürstner is increasingly using Alde's hot water heating system, which is a standard feature in the Argos and Elegance series and can be added as an option for the Ixeo plus, Solano and Aviano models depending on the floor plan. A new reverse camera system as well as extravagant and convenient satellite and audio systems have also been added to the accessories line-up.

A solid basis: the Travel Van

The Travel Van provides the solid basis for Bürstner's range of motorhomes. Fundamental revisions have made it much more attractive, with the new interior finish in sen ash providing a light and friendly ambience on the inside. The exterior colour option in lago blue gives this model series an exclusive look.

Extra room at an affordable price: the Nexxo

The Nexxo is heading into the upcoming season with two new floor plans. The t 715 G falls into the seven-metre class and offers a spacious traverse double bed over the rear garage as well as an L-shaped kitchen. Its maximum permissible weight is 3,500 kilograms with a payload of 510 kilograms. The 7.39-metre Nexxo t 740 has a comfortable queen-size bed in the rear and a spacious bathroom for almost unlimited freedom of movement. It does not exceed the weight limit of 3.5 tonnes and offers a payload of 465 kilograms.

Modified model series: the Solano

A new floor plan has also been added to the Solano model series with the t 736 G. The sleeping area in the rear with a lavish traverse double bed integrates a spacious bathroom and dressing room area with a separate shower cubicle and a wardrobe. The nearly 7.5-metre vehicle weighs in at the maximum permissible limit of 3.5 tonnes and has a payload of 440 kilograms. The Solano t 615 and t 729 models can be equipped with the Alde hot water heating system.

Clever use of living space: the Ixeo time

The Ixeo time is positioned as an affordable alternative in the class of semi-integrated motorhomes with fold-down beds. As a new floor plan in the model series, the Ixeo time it 660 with bunk beds in the rear demonstrates that it is possible to provide important family features with a shorter overall vehicle length. Meanwhile, the it 734 features a queen-size bed in the rear and the spacious bathroom. Both vehicles remain under the permissible overall weight of 3.5 tonnes and have payloads of up to 500 kilograms.

Considerable upgrade: the Ixeo

When it appeared on the market in 2008, the Ixeo by Bürstner gave motorhome development a significant jolt of momentum. In this model the innovative Bürstner fold-down bed, which adds a great deal of space and comfortable berths, was introduced to a complete model series for the first time. This series is now kicking off the upcoming season with a comprehensive change. An attractive, redesigned cappuccino characterises the appearance, allowing for a great deal more interior headroom and the installation of a larger skyroof for more light. The new graphics on the cabin give the Ixeo visual dynamism, with exterior colours available in silver, champagne and graphite (in addition to standard white). Pilot seats in the cab with adjustable armrests, an electrically operated extending step and the solid Hartal entrance door are other outstanding features in this model series. Three new floor plans have been added to the range, elevating the cosiness and comfort with a queen-size bed and - where possible - the VarioBad (variable bathroom). The new it 700, it 735 and it 740 models do not exceed the 3.5-tonne limit and have a payload of between 410 and 450 kilograms.

A plus for more comfort: the Ixeo plus

Four floor plans, two of which have been redesigned, make up the range for the Ixeo plus in the upper class of semi-integrated motorhomes. All models roll on the ALKO low-frame chassis and can be recognised due to the roof rails that harmoniously extend from the cappuccino to the rear. In the future the attractive sills on the cab doors will be a standard feature as well as the alloy wheels in the black polish design. Due to the somewhat higher overall weight, the Ixeo plus has a Ducato 130 HP, four-cylinder diesel engine, thus allowing a towing limit of up to 2,000 kg. The garage versions have garage doors in the rear on the left and right for easier loading. The Ixeo plus it 728 G with a traverse double bed in the rear as well as a separate shower and L-shaped kitchen is new. This model has a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tonnes and a payload of 410 kilograms. With single longitudinal beds in the rear, a spacious bathroom area with a separate shower, an L-shaped kitchen and a double seating area up front, the Ixeo plus it 875 G satisfies every wish in terms of comfort, space and storage volume. With a maximum permissible weight of 5 tonnes, the payload exceeds 1,000 kilograms.

An entry-level option for the integrated class: the Viseo

Just three years after being launched on the market, the Viseo has now secured a stable position in the entry-level class for integrated motorhomes. It is characterised by its spaciousness with reasonable standard features and offers outstanding value for money. While the previous colour combinations of white, champagne and silver remain the same, it is now possible to choose from two new furniture finishes in amaranth and Merano walnut for the interior. The two-tone décor and the hatches in a 3D look give the interior of the new model a higher-quality look than its predecessor. The comfortable spacious bathroom has been realised for the first time in this class, with the i 737 G providing exceptional freedom of movement while taking care of personal hygiene. The Viseo falls into the weight categories between 3.5 and 4.0 tonnes. The two new floor plans with cabin lengths of 7.07 and 7.46 metres do not exceed the weight limit decisive for the speed limit and passing restrictions.

Sending signals: the Aviano

The integrated Aviano model series was revised last year, sending signals with its modified front section and trendsetting LED daytime running lights. Four new floor plans have been added to the Aviano series for the coming season: the i 709, the i 739 G, the i 870 G and the i 875 G. The latter two were taken over from the Elegance series as three-axle models. The stylish interior décor options in a cedar or Merano walnut finish once again make this model series highly appealing to anyone who prefers high-quality interiors.

Top of the line: the Elegance

The current Elegance model series has been on the market for two years. During this time, it has set new standards in the integrated elite class. Exclusive design, the selection of high-quality materials and a variety of functional details have made Bürstner the reference point in this market segment.

For the 2012 season Bürstner has responded to the wish often expressed for a lighter furniture finish. In addition to the successful bog oak finish, the new magnolia finish is now also available as an option. To complete the model range, two new floor plans have been added to the series, the i 890 G and the i 895 G. Both fall into the nine-metre category and have a maximum permissible weight of five tonnes, with a payload of around 1,000 kilograms. The difference between the two models mainly lies in the design of the sleeping area in the rear - one features single longitudinal beds, while the other has a freestanding queen-size bed. The smaller models - i 705 to i 730 - will no longer be offered.

A good start: the Argos time

The Argos time was first presented this year at CMT 2011 in Stuttgart. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, giving the model series a very good start in the declining market of alcove vehicles. Rental business makes up a considerable share of the market in this segment. The Argos time was immediately able to score points in this area as well.

Convincing floor plans, a good price/performance ratio, an attractive appearance in the Bürstner design as well as a very good weight balance: the Argos time offers an impressive complete package in the price-sensitive alcove segment. Three different floor plans continue to cover the most important segments in the alcove market. The models A 650 and A 660 can both be ordered with the option of having 6 seats. Towing weights of up to 1,700 kilograms also allow for heavy boat trailers or even a small vehicle to be towed.

For large families or rental companies: the Argos

Two years after the current model generation was launched on the market, the Argos A 747-2 has a loyal fan base and will be heading into the new season without any conceptual changes. Spacious living areas and storage options provide versatile and flexible usage options. The heated double floor makes it particularly well suited to winter use, while six seats and seven berths offer enough space for large families or renting.

The two-axle models A 640-2 and A 650-2 have been deleted from the range of double-floor vehicles and replaced with the affordable models in the Argos time range.

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