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Nigerian film producer selects Brückner to be partner

(PresseBox) (Siegsdorf, ) Until a few years back, Africa was quite a blank area on the map of high quality film production facilities. Although Brückner lines can be found running in South Africa and Egypt, the heart of the continent remained a kind of “no-film land”. That is going to finally change in the near future, due to a new partnership: Nigerian film producer “Tempo Paper Pulp & Packaging” and Brückner recently signed a contract for an 8.2m wide BOPP film production line.

The line with an annual output of more than 30,000 tons will be the largest, most flexible and efficient one in Africa. The new line of Tempo Paper Pulp & Packaging will cover almost the complete actual demand of BOPP films in Nigeria. Plenty of innovative features make the line really state-of-the art, e.g.:

- AC drive technology throughout the complete production line, improving efficiency and reducing power consumption
- All rolls directly driven for improved accuracy, less maintenance and highest efficiency
- Highly flexible longitudinal and transverse stretching equipment
- Patented linear motor technology for the film tracking and the winding system for increased line uptime
- Fully automatic film feeding for higher feeding speeds while ensuring highest possible level of safety with Brückner`s unique "Speedy Threader"
- Automatic profile control system for highest quality and efficiency and minimum waste
- Automation and control system for easy and safe line handling

With their new production plant Tempo Paper Pulp & Packaging is confident they will be able to set a new benchmark for film production in Africa. Among the decisive factors to rely on Brückner was the fact that Brückner does not just offer technologies, machines and services but also a comprehensive partnership. This included an extensive project consulting as well as a close cooperation for a financing solution and guarantees an optimal support for the future: a reliable commissioning, the process know-how of Brückner specialists, trainings of the customer`s staff for optimum asset utilization and a comprehensive service package.

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