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Maximizing film producer`s performance & profitability

Brückner at K 2007

(PresseBox) (Siegsdorf, ) Vital to film manufacturers all over the world is an efficient and cost effective production, high flexibility to meet the demand for innovative products in varying quantities, and last but not least a steady enhancement in terms of profitability. Brückner solutions lead to measurable production benefits:
- High uptime, yield and raw material efficiency
- Highest flexibility
- Excellent production stability
- Superior film quality
- Fast product changes
- Low energy consumption
- Easy operation and low maintenance

At K 2007 (Hall 3, Booth C 73) Brückner presents innovations ensuring value and performance, as well as significant cost savings.

Brückner Maschinenbau: Film stretching technology

Flexible and efficient BOPP lines
- Twin screw extrusion technology with additional direct fluff dosing system, optimizing the process
- MDO direct drives to allow flexible gap selection for sensitive skin layers
- TDO with advanced heat recovery system
- Winder: Revolutionary linear motor winding system LIWIND® for perfectly wound mill rolls for all film types and speeds

Latest equipment for added value BOPET films
- Twin screw technology for main extrusion offering big cost savings potential
- Unique multi-gap MDO stretching unit leading to high speed production above 400 m/min
- Trendsetting line drive system for excellent optical quality
- Film thickness up to 400µm (sequential) or 250µm (simultaneous)

Recently advanced LISIM® simultaneous technology
- Utmost performance for high value products such as optical films: contact free stretching and full flexibility - Wide range on stretching pattern in MD and TD direction for low bowing, low shrink and isotropic film types "
"RETARD" concept for MD stretching ratio < 1, TD stretching ratio > 1
- Since nine years reliable in production scale
- No mechanical clip links compared to other simultaneous systems

Energy saving solutions
- Energy management system
- Twin screw extrusion for less energy consumption
- Oven heat recovery system and exhaust air control
- Direct drive systems increasing overall energy efficiency
- Line drive management system for electrical energy recovery
- Water cooled motors, saving air conditioning power

Trend-setting shrink film lines - inline & offline
- Serving the fast growing markets for trendy labels, full body sleeves or tamper evident packaging
- Supporting advanced product marketing Flexible for different raw materials: PET-G / PS / PVC
- Working width up to 6.2m, speeds up to 250 m/min
- Special control system for optimal film profile

Brückner Formtec: Economy of Scale - extra large output of CPP and APET films

Brückner Formtec presents sophisticated and highly efficient cast and sheet extrusion lines: Cast Film Lines for CPP with a width of up to 6 meters and roll stack lines for APET, PETG and PCR. These plants are featuring a working width up to 2.7m and outputs up to 3 tons per hour. Further highlight is the Cast-PET technology with an output of up to 5 tons per hour.

Additionally Brückner Formtec's innovative approach towards laminated PET/PE structures combines this converting step in-line to the extrusion process. As a result, productivity is significantly increased due to lower handling- and storage costs.

Brückner Servtec: Tailor-made service products

Brückner Servtec, the after-sales service and upgrading division, will present various solutions for the efficient and cost-effective operation of existing film production lines. Servtec`s experts will demonstrate
- software tools to increase productivity
- chain track maintenance systems
- proposals for speed-up, process optimizations and software-upgrades

Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Die Brückner-Gruppe in Siegsdorf ist mit technologisch anspruchsvollen und zukunftsträchtigen Produkten weltweit führend im Bereich des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus. Zur Gruppe gehören die folgenden Hauptgesellschaften mit insgesamt rund 1.400 Beschäftigten:

- Brückner Technology Holding GmbH, Siegsdorf: Management-Holding sämtlicher Geschäftsbereiche der Brückner-Gruppe.
- Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Siegsdorf: Weltmarktführer bei Folien- Reckanlagen
- Brückner Formtec GmbH, Siegsdorf: Weltweiter Lieferant für Flachfolien- Extrusionsanlagen
- Brückner Servtec GmbH, Siegsdorf: Service & Upgrading
- Brückner Biotec GmbH, Siegsdorf: Anbieter von schlüsselfertigen Biogas- Anlagen.
- Kiefel GmbH, Freilassing: Weltweit tätiger Hersteller von Serien- und Sondermaschinen zur Kunststoffverarbeitung in der Automobil-, Medizintechnik- und Verpackungsindustrie
- Kiefel Extrusion GmbH, Worms: Führender Anbieter von Schlauchfolien- Extrusionsanlagen und Folienwickelmaschinen für die Verpackungsindustrie