Financial crisis screams for a better handle on financial and employee planning

Business Intelligence Studio Planning for Microsoft PerformancePoint Server launched

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A. /'s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, (PresseBox) - Orange Peel, Inc., a leading software solutions company and the Bridge Incubation Group, today announced the release of Business Intelligence Studio(BIS) for Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The new software solution provides numerous features that help companies maximize their investment in PerformancePoint Server through user-friendly interfaces, creating financial applications that are easier to use and richer in information. BIS is developed by Orange Peel.

"Companies and Finance Departments have to meet bigger demands by boards and senior management, while providing useful information to a broad and diversified end-user base. By implementing financial exercises like Planning and Budgeting using BIS powered by PPS, deployment becomes much easier and the total cost of ownership becomes a fraction of what we traditionally have seen in this arena", says Jan van Dijk, Senior Product Manager at Bridge Incubation.

Since its release in 2007, Microsoft PerformancePoint Server (PPS) has grown in popularity through its host of Business Performance Management capabilities and its integration with Microsoft Office. PPS 2007 focuses on delivering three primary missions of planning, monitoring and analytics (MAP). BIS enables full utilization of all PPS 2007 features. It is a solution that accelerates the implementation of PPS, enables end user productivity and provides valuable budgeting/planning functionality to facilitate better Business Performance Management.

Real-World Benefits
BIS lets users combine data from several cubes; for example, employee salary per year in the user model with the salary increase percentage from the assumption model. This ensures an easy to use end-user environment without having to juggle with multiple workbooks.

BIS also gives users the option to add members on the fly directly through the Microsoft Excel budget model versus having to go to the PerformancePoint console, for example if a department manager needs to add a new employee from Excel on the fly.

For Line Item detail, (such as detailed travel expenses below the GL account level) users do not have to first add each line item as a dimension member in the data warehouse. Instead BIS will handle this automatically within Excel, enabling dynamic input forms.

"Companies are placing great importance on using data to gain competitive advantages, whether through internal process improvements or changes which affect the bottom line," says Per Solli, Chief Executive Officer for Orange Peel. "Yet the issue isn't a lack of data. The dilemma is how to process and interpret the data to make meaningful decisions. Business Intelligence Studio is the perfect complement to any company using Microsoft PerformancePoint Server to take business intelligence to the next level."

Innovative Features
Samples of the new features in BIS include:
- Multi-Model Forms: Custom template-based controls can be assigned multiple times to one form and can be controlled from the slicer. It can be submitted to multiple models and scenarios without having to change from one Excel form to the other; multiple cubes can be linked to the same slicers.

- Line Item Detail: Updatecreate/ remove records from the transaction table, reference multiple measures within one model, read multiple models within a line item.

- Custom Form Controls: Drop down boxes, check boxes, short and long text boxes, and linked drop downs enable data entry with checks and controls, to ensure better data quality, smoother budgeting and forecasting processes which provide better business performance management in your organization.

- Simplified Dimension Maintenance (Memberset Editor Control): Create new members at runtime with the use of the Memberset Editor Control. New members can automatically be added to existing membersets without having to redeploy the cube. Editor allows editing and deleting of existing members as well.

"The product was built from the ground up with the end user in mind," says Per Solli, Chief Executive officer for Orange Peel. "The manager who has to analyze and report on a regular basis will appreciate how each feature of BIS makes his life easier. Companies spending resources on integrating Performance Point Server into their corporate environment will find their investment in BIS quickly paid back through efficiency gains."

To watch video clips on how BIS can improve your business process management, please visit

Extending business in EMEA
Last week, Orange Peel and the Bridge Incubation Group signed a multi-year exclusive EMEA-wide business service agreement. "When I saw BIS for the first time, it reminded me of other solutions for Microsoft Analysis Server / PerformancePoint we had strong involvements with in the past" said Johan Pellicaan, CEO of the Bridge Incubation Group. He continued: "To understand the effect of Operational - and Capital Expenses and Human Resource Planning is more important than ever before. The financial crisis demands a strong handle on and insight in OpEx and CapEx. Being enabled to understand the effect of these expenses and having the ability to make fast adoptions means better management. BIS is the Planning solution if you consider a Microsoft PerformancePoint technology."

About Orange Peel
Orange Peel., Inc., is a software development company specializing in comprehensive performance management and budgeting/planning solutions for corporations and public sector organizations. The Orange Peel Executive Management has a longtime experience enhancing Microsoft solutions with innovative software for business professionals.

Bridge Incubation Group BV

The Bridge Incubation Group B.V. (Bridge) incubates software companies within the EMEA market. Bridge delivers services in the areas of business planning, channel development and optimization, sales and marketing and venture funding.
The fast growing ISV portfolio exists of DigiLink Limited (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server productivity and optimization solutions), Orange Peel (Financial and HR Planning solutions for Microsoft PerformancePoint Server), Qdabra Software (Enterprise design and easy management for Microsoft InfoPath), Transpara (24/7 Real-time composite KPI solutions for operational data, being informed anytime, anywhere) and Xpertdoc (creating dazzling Word based reports and other automated and personalized documents).

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