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The Number of International Knowledge Workers Triples in the South Netherlands

Research in line with positive news in Financial Times

(PresseBox) (Eindhoven, ) The number of international knowledge workers in the provinces of North-Brabant and Limburg has tripled since 2007 to more than 13.000. The total population of economic active internationals has doubled in that same period, and now numbers 70.000. According to the research, Eindhoven is the most popular city to live and work in. One day after the Financial Times announced that Brainport Region Eindhoven is in third place, after London and Helsinki, when it comes to 'Best European region for FDI', Holland Expat Center South discloses the results of its own research on internationals in the South Netherlands.

The research distinguishes between knowledge workers and labour migrants. The number of international knowledge workers has almost tripled, while the number of labour migrants has nearly doubled to 56.000. The number of international students in the South Netherlands amounts to 16.000, of which 53% choose a university degree, and 47% a higher vocational degree. When it comes to living and working, Eindhoven is the most favorite in both categories, followed by Maastricht (to live) and Tilburg and Breda (to work).

The economic analysis of the ever growing group of internationals supports the increasing importance. Their share in the active labour force amounts to 3,7% in North-Brabant and 2,7% in Limburg. This group of 70.000 economic active internationals jointly earns €2,7 billion, and the average wage has risen to €37.000 a year. International knowledge workers originate mainly from Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Fast growers are USA, India and China. Meanwhile, labour migrants originate mostly from Poland, Germany and Turkey.

Monique List, alderman Economic Affairs, Labour and Vocational Education in Eindhoven, confirms the importance of the influx of international talent to attract companies and to fill vacancies in the technology sector in the South Netherlands . "International talent is of great importance to our regional employers. Moreover, the presence of the correct (international) talent in our region is very important for attracting and retaining (international) companies . It is good to see that the South Netherlands -the Brainport region in particular- attracts the world 's best talent. We expect, especially after reports in the Financial Times, that the influx of international talent will continue to grow. Our approach has been successful!"

The growing importance of (international) talent , focuses constant attention on Brainport Eindhoven. A good example are the agreements and actions defined in the 'TechniekPact'. "Brainport Talent Centre is a joint approach with regional employers to attract, retain and match (inter)national talent," says Yvonne van Hest, Program Manager, International Labour Market Development at Brainport Development.

Kris De Prins, Director of Holland Expat Center South: "An optimal economic business climate is a precondition for attracting international companies and knowledge workers. This means not just a job or training of the future , but also information on taxation , housing , education (an international school) and culture play a role. The services that we offer are unique in Europe. Internationals are not received this way anywhere else in the world! We assist the employer and the international, thus giving them a 'head start' and distinguish ourselves."

Decisio BV conducted a quantitative study of the international population in the South Netherlands. This was done in consultation with the Tax Authorities and other connected government agencies, which resulted in extremely accurate socio-demographic and economical information. This is unique in The Netherlands. This method of investigation is expected to be rolled out over more regions in The Netherlands.

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