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Bosch to show smart MEMS sensors, microphones and networked sensor solutions at CES 2015 (Jan 6 - 9)

Enabling the Internet of Things / Launching a new multi-functional environmental sensor

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- Bosch Sensortec to introduce new combo MEMS solution with four integrated sensors
- Akustica to demonstrate how high performance MEMS microphones enhance the end-user experience with mobile devices
- Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions to show how MEMS sensors can be used in networked sensor devices with embedded software

Bosch will demonstrate MEMS sensors technology in action at the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas. Bosch Sensortec and Akustica, subsidiaries of Bosch, the world's largest supplier of MEMS sensors, each provide smart MEMS sensors and solutions to the world's top consumer electronics manufacturers. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions leverages these sensors and Bosch's many years of complex systems experience to provide networked sensor solutions and software that support providers of solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

MEMS sensors are increasingly taking an essential role in a broad range of applications, such as consumer electronics, fitness tracking, wearables, and IoT applications like smart homes and others. Recognizing the growing importance of MEMS technology, Bosch Sensortec's BME280 environmental sensor and Akustica's AKU346 microphone were both recently featured in EDN's Hot 100 Products of 2014.

Bosch Sensortec to Launch Integrated Sensor

Bosch Sensortec will announce and demonstrate a new multi-functional sensor that integrates four measurands, enabling a new range of applications in areas such as consumer electronics, wearables and IoT.

Bosch Sensortec will also showcase its full product portfolio at CES. Demonstrations of the company's MEMS devices will include the BME280 integrated within a fitness tracking wristband. Additionally, a selection of partners will be presenting their advanced solutions integrating Bosch Sensortec MEMS sensor products. Another highlight of the booth is "Roger" - an animated character controlled by Bosch Sensortec sensors while exploring his virtual world.

Stefan Finkbeiner, General Manager & CEO of Bosch Sensortec, will be taking part in a MEMS Industry Group (MIG) panel session "Getting to Low Power and Maximum Functionality through Sensor Fusion" at the Venetian Hotel, Level 1, Marco Polo 702 conference room on January 6th, 3:30-4:30 p.m. PDT.

Akustica HD Voice Microphones Enhance End User Experience

Akustica will highlight its high performance, HD (High Definition) voice microphone portfolio. In the Bosch booth, Akustica will demonstrate how high performance microphones benefit the end-user experience of mobile devices and how they also enable superior performance of multi-microphone arrays and noise suppression technology.

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions enables the IoT

Billions of objects are becoming connected to the internet, including vehicles, homes, machines, and other things that make up everyday life. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions was established to cater to this trend, by supplying compact electronic products and software expertise which make devices and objects intelligent and web-enabled.

Initially, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions is focusing on sensor-based wireless nodes that are equipped with MEMS sensors, microcontrollers, small batteries, radio chips, and embedded software for smart homes, connected industry, transport & logistics, and smart activities.