Texcare International 2008 - Eye-Catcher at the BÖWE Booth

Innovator and "Full Liner" of Drycleaning Machines

Augsburg, (PresseBox) - The industrial drycleaning machine "InduLine" by BÖWE Textile Cleaning, the apparently greatest innovation at the booth, attracted a lot of attention, amazement and many compliments. The tiltable cage of this drycleaning machine for loading capacities up to 200kg attracted wide attention, just like the innovative modular design concept. With the technologically leading PremiumLine drycleaning machines, the StarLine standard machines starting from 10kg and the InduLine with a loading capacity of up to 200kg, the machine manufacturer from Augsburg offered solutions for all potential users of drycleaning machines and thus presented themselves as the only "Full Liner" worldwide in the field of construction of drycleaning machines.

Considerably more German and international guests than initially expected had informed themselves at the BÖWE booth of the worldwide latest status of drycleaning machines. The BÖWE employees of the headquarters in Augsburg, colleagues of the subsidiaries in the UK, Spain, USA and Shanghai, as well as sales partners from more than 25 countries were completely busy during each day of the exhibition, answering questions for the unique features of the BÖWE machines. The employees of the production department in Augsburg were pleased with the respectable number of orders that was placed in connection with the exhibition.

Visitors of the exhibition especially asked for ease of operation and maintenance, time savings, increased convenience, as well as energy savings. Thus, the innovative machine construction of PremiumLine drycleaning machines is in the middle of interest, as well as automation of maintenance, round component design, and the processing technique that reduces consumption values. PremiumLine machines have got loading capacities of 12-30kg for use with perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon and other alternative solvents like GreenEarth® - i.e. as MultiSolvent® machines.

With the new machine K easy BÖWE Textile Cleaning offer hydrocarbon technology at a very low price effective immediately.Uncompromisingly, textiles are completely cleaned and treated down to each fiber. With loading capacities of 16 and 19kg those sizes much in demand are available.

The very low acquisition cost offer a great advantage to the drycleaner already at the time of purchase. Moreover, he has got the advantages of low operating cost and low connection values.

This is possible by a machine conception with 2 solvent tanks and refrigeration unit. Instead of distillation, the machine is operated with a proven filter technique. The drycleaner can either select the extraction filter with filter powder or the cartridge filter. Furthermore, the two solvent tanks provide for flexibility and allow for separation of goods into light and dark garments. The powerful refrigeration unit is either cooled by cooling water or air cooler. The latter provides for a machine free of cooling water. Being electrically heated, this machine is ready to be plugged in right upon delivery.

It was the first public appearance at a worldwide exhibition of the completely new developed innovative high-capacity drycleaning machine for industrial use "InduLine" - MultiSolvent® version.

Effective immediately, the excellent oil and fat dissolving capability of multiple solvents can be combined with numerous possibilities of automation and the most modern process engineering (6th generation), with loading capacities of 100-200kg - a quantum jump in industrial drycleaning.

With the worldwide well-established solvents perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon, GreenEarth® and the like, excellent oil and fat dissolving agents are available.The preferred one can be selected according to the field of application and local legal regulations.

The InduLine has got a tiltable cage, designed for integration into the operational logistics. This avoids time consuming and personnel-intensive hard work. Highly automated textile service operations resp. industrial drycleaning plants can integrate the InduLine into their transportation and logistics system and thus select the right discharging point and the optimum care process (based on water/solvent).Here - besides the modular machine design - a loading door concept with little space requirement to the front and top, as well as the cage bedding that is disconnected from the tilting drive, are exceptionally innovative.The excellent cleaning results set new standards and are a pleasant surprise for the first users in industrial drycleaning. The machine will be set up customized each time and is only available since beginning of this year.With the worldwide leading process engineering by BÖWE Textile Cleaning, the InduLine opens up a new chapter of industrial drycleaning with energy efficiency and reduction of consumption values. Reduction in cooling water consumption of the InduLine was awarded in the process of the project ÖKOPROFIT Augsburg 2007. The machine with the tiltable cage works in a closed circuit, provides the possibility of controlled dirt disposal - without direct waste water charging - and supports the users' objective to act with responsibility for the environment.

Direct access to the data of the drycleaning machines via software DirectConnect is now possible via internet and wireless connection (WLAN).Downloading of drycleaning programs and operational data, as well as uploading of drycleaning programs individually established at the PC and new machine software was demonstrated to the visitors at a PremiumLine machine P15 and the industrial drycleaning machine InduLine at the booth of the Texcare and also at a MultiSolvent® drycleaning machine far away in Augsburg.

Further, possibilities to analyze operational data and preparation of solvent records supported by automation, were shown. By the advanced software DirectConnect the operator can - if desired - use the online service of the manufacturer and thus reduce cost, save time, minimize downtime and is always informed of the machine data by a mouse click. The software is available in a package effective fall 2008.

With their full line offer of drycleaning machines, the German machine manufacturer BÖWE Textile Cleaning want to make it possible for the modern drycleaning shop to select the optimum drycleaning system, so that continuously high-quality drycleaning results are reached. The exhibition Texcare International 2008 offered the welcome strategic platform to present the innovative drycleaning machines from Augsburg.

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