International Sales Meeting

The Ear on the Worldwide Market

Augsburg, (PresseBox) - Sales partners from all over the world followed the invitation of BÖWE Textile Cleaning for exchange of information on the occasion of the international sales meeting in Eschborn, Frankfurt/Main. Prior to the exhibition Texcare International 2008 the management and the sales team of the German machine manufacturer informed about new machines and innovations from Augsburg. In turn, the responsible persons at BÖWE were very much interested in the feedback from their sales partners about local conditions in the worldwide markets.

The managing director, Heiner Rademacher, informed the sales partners about the new subsidiaries in London and Shanghai. Reiner Wittendorfer, deputy managing director, explained the future role of the company foundation BÖWE Textile Cleaning Shanghai Ltd. for production and sales in the growing markets of Asia. With BÖWE Textile Cleaning UK Ltd. BÖWE want to - besides their own company in Spain - increase direct access to the important market of England. New sales partners of the Middle East and North Africa were introduced to the large BÖWE team and visibly felt comfortable next to the salesmen of Thailand and Venezuela.

The main subject of the event held in several languages was the wide range of products of the machine manufacturer from Augsburg. With their drycleaning machines with a loading capacity from 10 to 200kg the German manufacturer offers solutions for all possible users of drycleaning machines. Therewith all worldwide current solvents like perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon and other alternative solvents (like GreenEarth®) can be used. It was pointed out that this makes BÖWE the only "full liner" worldwide in the field of manufacturing of drycleaning machines.

With PremiumLine drycleaning machines the advantages of round component design, e.g. with the water separator or recovery section were discussed. The resulting great advantages - ease of operation and maintenance, time savings, increase in comfort, as well as energy savings - offer unique arguments for the salesmen to present to the customers. Also special solutions were presented for difficult entry, statical problems in buildings and customized processes like additional still units etc. With statical problems the BÖWE solution softpad is available for machines from 12-30kg and in case a high extraction speed is required there are soft mounted machines.

Dieter Ortner reported about specific applications of the InduLine - a highcapacity drycleaning machine for cleaning of leather gloves that e.g. workers with automotive engineering use. Especially impressive to the worldwide sales team was the large quantity of oil and fat sludge recovered, dissolved soiling that, if other cleaning processes are used, would pollute the wastewater. With industrial cleaning of carpets, especially the excellent cleaning results are very impressive as can be seen from field reports. As a completely new thing, with the InduLine a machine for cleaning and treatment is available for carpets with natural fibres. It combines the advantages of cleaning with solvent with the most modern process engineering of the 6th generation - energy saving and comfortable. The fact that the InduLine as an industrial machine is also available as a MultiSolvent® machine, was received with great enthusiasm. With the worldwide current solvents perchloroethylene, hydrocarbon, GreenEarth® and the like, excellent oil and fat solvents are available that can be selected depending on the application and local laws and regulations. The outstanding innovative elements of the InduLine of special benefit to the customer were discussed: modular design, integration into internal logistics thanks to the tiltable cage, cage bearing separated from the tilting drive, loading door concept with little space requirement to the front and top, integrated activated carbon module, reduction of cooling water consumption (award-winning within the project "ÖKOPROFIT" [eco-profit] in Augsburg 2007), to mention just a few.

The objectives for the sales team were clearly expressed: With the highcapacity drycleaning machine InduLine with loading capacities from 100- 200kg the worldwide customers of the BÖWE sales organization can be put in a position to clean various goods, but also "all workwear in this world".

Especially the German sales partners lively discussed the various modes of operation of hydrocarbon machines with or without still. Savings potentials regarding operational cost and low connection values as compared to the monetary advantage at the time of purchase of a machine with today's lowest machine prices, were critically analyzed. In this connection, the new hydrocarbon machine K easy with loading capacities of 16 and 19kg was presented to the sales people. This machine with two useable solvent tanks and a refrigeration unit cleans and treats textiles all around in the solvent bath down to the fibres without compromise. Light and dark garments can be separated. Either an extraction filter with filter powder or a cartridge filter can be selected. The machine works with filter technique, without still. The powerful cooling unit can also be cooled by means of an air cooler. One version is available as a machine free of cooling water and - if desired - also ready to plug in/ready for installation.

Not only the BÖWE colleagues from New Zealand and South Africa were very much interested in the extended possibility to directly access data of locally installed drycleaning machines from afar with the software DirectConnect via internet and wireless connection. Downloading of cleaning programs and operational data, as well as uploading of cleaning programs individually prepared at the PC and new machine software is possible with StarLine, PremiumLine and InduLine machines. For sales colleagues from Europe the possibilities to analyze operational data and to prepare solvent records supported by automation were especially interesting. An important argument for the sales and service personnel of the worldwide BÖWE organisation is the access via data line to the online service of the manufacturer. With the advanced software DirectConnect the operator can - if desired - reduce cost, save time, minimize downtime and always get current information about the machine data by a mouse click.

The software that will be available in fall, increases productivity and disposability of BÖWE drycleaning machines at the worldwide machine users and sort of shortens the performance chain from the manufacturer to the local operator.

Besides the regular training sessions for BÖWE technicians from all over the world, the systematic exchange of experience with sales partners results in special benefit to the worldwide customers with operation of their BÖWE drycleaning machines: local competent advice, fast and correct understanding of and solution to problems, quick supply of spare parts. With the regular exchange of information worldwide the BÖWE team will have their ear on the local market also in the future.

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