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Operational consulting that works

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) “With the founding of the new company, BMC Berlinwasser Management Consult GmbH & Co. KG, the shareholders are reacting to a dramatically increased demand for operations-based consulting and in doing so are aiming at German leadership in international markets”, explained Dieter Ernst, CEO of Berlinwasser International, and Kurt Birkenmeier, H.P. Gauff Ingenieure, to journalists in Berlin on Thursday. “Our competitive advantage lies in intelligent services that companies in emerging nations have been unable to provide.”

The in-depth operational expertise of the Berlinwasser Group, which has been developed over decades, and the international presence and professional organisation of the Gauff Group are key factors for the successful development of the business activities of BMC.

“BMC is the logical result of a coherent policy of business development”, explained Dieter Ernst. “From here in Berlin, we have deliberately focussed on expanding our international consulting activities. Since we first entered the international market, in our role as consultant we have effectively taken over responsibility for the efficient and resource-saving operation of water and wastewater plants and systems in various types of projects”, said the CEO of BWI AG, which holds a 51% share in the new joint venture. “We will build the new company into a marketing platform for all of the areas in which Berlinwasser, as a large-scale operator, can provide expertise: consulting for governments and administrations, change management, customer administration and service, along with operations management, financial accounting and financing.”

Kurt Birkenmeier, who represents the interests of H.P. Gauff Ingenieure shareholders, emphasised that successful consulting is founded on knowledge and trust: “Our participation in Berlinwasser Management Consult is oriented towards long-term objectives. In this area, BMC will be able to benefit from the reputation of the Gauff Group, which has consistently cultivated a solid position for itself as a globally active enterprise in the infrastructure planning sector”, said Kurt Birkenmeier. “As such, we can equip BMC with assets that will allow it to position itself as a reliable partner in the international water and wastewater sector. The corporate structure of the Gauff Group, which, with branches in 40 countries, is firmly established, can provide excellent access to a broad range of customers, optimal proximity to those customers and a solid market presence to the operations-based management consultancy firm.”

BMC Managing Director Uwe Wiegand, who as Director of Business Development at Berlinwasser International AG is responsible for strategic business development there, describes the market for operations-based consulting as a representing a potential that has been underestimated in the past. “As an international consultancy firm with a great deal of project experience, what we can offer are structurally definitive solutions for the water and wastewater sector, solutions that we can successfully support and implement, in cooperation with our partners.” BMC’s Managing Director emphasized that fair partnership is an important corporate value for BMC in general, one that is crucial for success in a sensitive market.

In the major cities in developing and emerging nations, the quality of service offered by municipal water supply and wastewater disposal services is deficient. “This is where our commitment to service comes into play: it is possible to provide safe drinking water and purified wastewater through self-financing if the services rendered are based on reliable technology and are affordable relative to income”, said Uwe Wiegand. “BMC will systematically and professionally build on the know-how that has grown up organically at Berlinwasser International AG over the last 15 years and position itself as the international management consulting firm for municipal water and wastewater services” he added, summarizing the aims of the BMC.

Berlinwasser Holding GmbH

Berlinwasser International AG, as Germany s leading service provider concentrating on the management and operation of drinking water supply and wastewater disposal systems, is active on water markets throughout the world. Within the framework of Public Private Partnership schemes, Berlinwasser International AG offers a broad range of infrastructure and consulting competencies for investment and development projects abroad. BWI s range of services includes the design and implementation of operations management and management contracts, consulting and collaboration with financial investors. The BWI portfolio also includes concession agreements and BOT and TOT projects, for the management of which the company s head office in Berlin is responsible.