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ECP GmbH Enters Licensing Contract for New Technology Used in Expandable Catheter Pump

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- Development company ECP GmbH enters licensing contract for new technology with AIS GmbH Aachen Innovative Solutions
- Minimally invasive intravascular blood pump for short-term support of patients with acute myocardial infarction or cardiogenic shock and post-cardiac surgery
- Technology to be further developed at ECP GmbH in preparation for marketing under the operative and strategic management of Berlin Heart GmbH

Development company ECP GmbH, a project entity under the operative and strategic management of Berlin Heart, announces it has entered a world exclusive licensing contract with AIS Aachen Innovative Solutions GmbH on new technology used in the Expandable Catheter Pump.

The Expandable Catheter Pump (ECP) is an innovative, very small intravascular blood pump for the percutaneous treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction, cardiogenic shock as well as post-cardiac surgery. Cajetan von Koenig, Head of Strategic Planning at Berlin Heart: „Thanks to the trend-setting technology and the minimal diameter of the ECP, the pump can be inserted through the femoral artery and placed directly into the left ventricle without the need for surgery. Due to the quick and uncomplicated procedure, the pump is ideally suited both, for application in interventional cardiology and in surgery.” After the head of the pump expands into its larger operating diameter, the ECP actively supports the patient’s heart and can contribute significantly to stabilizing cardiac function. The functional capability of the technology has been successfully carried out in the laboratory and in a pilot animal trial.

The licensing contract marks an important milestone for Berlin Heart, as the new technology provides the company with a solution for interventional cardiologists and hence to enter a new market in the future. Dr. Rolf Kaese, General Manager at Berlin Heart: “The licensing contract entered by our project entity ECP GmbH is a big step toward implementing the expansion strategy of Berlin Heart. At the same time it strengthens our claim to be one of the major players and technology leaders in our sector.”

AIS GmbH regards the cooperation with Berlin Heart and ECP GmbH as an excellent base for the successful industrial development and market launch of ECP technology. This licensing contract is a key step for AIS to commercially benefit from ECP. AIS GmbH is being advised by Axara Consulting in the commercialization of the technology.

About AIS GmbH
AIS GmbH Aachen Innovative Solutions was founded in late 2003 in order to develop and commercialize innovations in medical technology and in particular the ECP technology (a minimally invasive, expandable catheter pump) by the technology’s developers. AIS GmbH has contributed significantly in the successful development of the ECP to its current stage of maturation. A further focus of the company lies in the commercialization of technology.

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