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New Behringer Monitors Pack More Power and USB Connectivity

Studio 50USB and Media 40USB bi-amped monitors provide audiophile-grade performance

(PresseBox) (Willich, ) Behringer is about to make a lot of people happy, from music pros to PC gamers - with the Company's new USB-equipped monitor speakers that bring an audiophile-level experience to everything from creating music, to simply enjoying listening to it. The new Studio 50USB and Media 40USB announced today pack more power than competitors and feature seriously-accurate sound.

The Studio 50USB and the Media 40USB really bring out the best in music. The Studio 50USB delivers 100 ultra-clean Watts of digital sound through separately-powered drivers via a true bi-amping mode with dedicated high- and low-frequency amplifiers per enclosure. The Media 40USB delivers 40-Watts in a similarly bi-amplified configuration, making them an ultra-affordable way to upgrade any computer system to premium quality sound.

Behringer has taken great care in matching the internal amplifiers and crossover points specifically to each model's woofers and tweeters for optimal performance.

Both the Studio 50USB and Media 40USB monitors provide ultra-linear frequency response - perfect for multimedia production, or just enjoying sound from streaming media. USB connectivity eliminates the need for special cables and adapters, which makes setup a breeze, plus the speakers are magnetically shielded to work perfectly with computer monitors - even when placed in close proximity to video monitors of all types.

"Our new Studio 50USB and Media 40USB monitors were designed for people who really care about sound quality," said Product Manager Bert Niedermeyer. "They will easily impress anyone seeking audiophile-grade performance whether they are mixing tracks or just listening to their favorite songs. Plus, they look as great as they sound!"

Flexibility is built into both the Studio 50USB and the Media 40USB. Users have the freedom to connect either a stereo TRS or RCA device to the rear panel inputs of either set of monitors - simultaneously. With its room-filling output, high-quality woofers and tweeters plus true bi-amped operation, flexible USB/analog connectivity and elegant styling - Studio 50USB and Media 40USB digital monitor speakers bring music to life!

The Studio 50USB and Media 40USB are available at a suggested MAP of $129.99 and $99.99 respectively - and are covered by MUSIC Group's 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.

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