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Flexible design opens up whole new scope

(PresseBox) (Kirchardt, ) New underfloor circular sawing machine PSU 450 M from Behringer Eisele offers impressive versality.

Based on the proven technology behind the PSU 450 H, the PSU 450 M has been upgraded with a newly developed control system which permits it to be supplemented both by automatic mitre setting and also a feed gripper. The result is a highly flexible machine concept which sets whole new standards, particularly for automatic single-bar operation.

The basis for this modular concept is a durable, stable machine substructure which ensures optimum vibration damping and low-noise sawing operation. A worm gear featuring a rotation compensation system developed specifically for the purpose by BEHRINGER EISELE permits outstanding cutting output coupled with a long saw blade service life.

The control unit

The machine is controlled by a PLC-control. It has several programs and each program can have several records. A record includes the number of pieces required, cutting length, material compartment/shelf (disposal/discharging) and sawing parameters. Furthermore, all movements can be executed in the hand operation mode. A working hour meter is included, as well. One non-contact light-barrier is connected in the circuit to recognize material start and material end.

Particular care was taken in re-engineering the machine and developing the mitre setting facility. This is optionally available with an electronically controlled mitre axis or with a manually (steplessly) adjustable angle adjustment facility. Additionally provided fixed stops at 30° / 45° / 90° simplify operation of the manual mitre device.

By combining automatic mitre adjustment with the feed gripper, cuts with varying angle combinations ranging between + / - 30° can be manufactured in automatic sawing operation.

Fast, precise material transport is guaranteed by the feed gripper, equipped with a single feed stroke of 1,500 mm. If cut lengths exceeding 1,500 mm are required, these can naturally be programmed with ease using the control system.

The underfloor circular sawing machine is equipped with a hydraulic clamping device arranged horizontally and vertically on the left and right of the saw blade which holds the stock in the correct position during sawing. A steplessly adjustable clamping pressure reduction facility makes child's play of sawing profiles.

The high-performance saw drive with its output of 3.0 / 3.6 kW offers 4 different speeds (6 / 12 / 24 / 48 rpm). In conjunction with the steplessly adjustable saw blade feed, the PSU 450 M is ideally suited for the troublefree machining of all steel types commonly encountered in the metalworking industry - including stainless steel. A bar change is quickly and simply performed by means of a bar start detector. A remnant length reduction facility cuts down material consumption significantly. To prevent saw blade breakage, the machine features an integrated cutting pressure shut-off mechanism, and a fitted machine light makes for more convenient operation of the new PSU 450 M.

The PSU 450 M control system is a successor to and further development of the BT 41 control system familiar from Behringer band saws. For repeated sawing assignments, program memory locations are available which permit the storage of both cut lengths, right and left-hand angles and piece numbers per order.