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NE 130 "Proven-in-use"-Devices for Safety Instrumented Systems and simplified SIL Calculation

(PresseBox) (Leverkusen, ) Up to now this NAMUR recommendation was available only in German. The NE 130 may now be obtained in bilingual version from the NAMUR Office.

This NAMUR recommendation is intended to concretise the requirements of IEC 61511 and to define an equipment class which is both suitable and, simultaneously, practical for operating, monitoring and safety equipment in process industry.

A device qualified in such a manner can be utilised in a singlechannel configuration for SIL 2 applications and at least in 1oo2 redundancy for SIL 3 applications. At the same time a simplified mathematical SIL verification may be applied, which is described in detail in this recommendation.

Safety instrumented systems should, as far as possible, be free of errors. IEC 61511 therefore requires that measures are to be taken to prevent systematic and random errors as well as for fault tolerant behaviour. All measures shall always be implemented simultaneously.

General requirements to be met for devices to be "Proveninuse" are described in this recommendation. The use of a "Proveninuse" device does not discharge the user of the responsibility to ensure suitability for his particular application case.

The measurement categories temperature, pressure, flow and level and associated actuators are addressed in this NAMUR recommendation. However, the methodology described can, in principle, also be employed for other measurement principles.

It does not apply for safetyrelated programmable or hardwired programmable systems and their I/O modules, nor is it suitable for complex process analyzers. These are not examined in this recommendation, due to their complexity.