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Expanding libraries

Baumüller expands technology libraries for faster engineering

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) The Nuremberg automation and drive systems specialist has expanded its module library and equipped it with new functionalities. Baumüller offers validated, freely combinable function modules for basic functions or entire programs. Typical combinations of function modules are compiled in these programs. The modules are organized into libraries that can be utilized with any drive and run on any platform. This allows for the control hardware to be changed without problems or system shutdowns.

In addition, Baumüller has supplemented the libraries with new, innovative modules and now provides, for instance, functions for handling big data. This data can be analyzed selectively in report tools or shift calendars.

New options for servo-presses

New features for servo-press applications are also available. For these applications, Baumüller has developed a graphical user interface with which the user can intuitively create motion profiles in accordance with the VDI 2143 directive for laws of motion for cam mechanisms. The basis of this visualization is an innovative web visualization which allows micro-browsers on smartphones or tablets to control the interaction. In addition, Baumüller offers a technology library with which, using a curve generator, energy-efficient press profiles can be calculated via interpolation points. The operator can choose from a variety of pre-defined curves. Due to this innovation, the curve progression is energetically optimized which allows pendulum operation with freely definable pendulum points as well as soft stop. If the system is immediately stopped, the base position run function is a further plus point.

The next step for the servo-pump

Baumüller has also expanded its tried-and-tested library for servo-pump applications and the new functions cover a wide spectrum of requirements. The servo-pump can thus be flexibly adapted to different applications by monitor control and thus covers, among other things, conventional injection molding machines up to approx. 2000 t, machines for processing natural and synthetic rubbers, bending machines, die casting machines, all types of presses and special purpose machines. With the integrated status monitoring system, Baumüller achieves a reduction of excessive pressure oscillation, regardless of changes to the control path and allows an adaptation of parameters to process conditions, using expanded special functions, for example, "pressure-free circulation" or pump protection. At the same time, Baumüller was able to reduce the input parameters on the control path to a minimum using additional methods such as adaptations and monitors. This shortens the commissioning time significantly and lowers the operator's initial costs.