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Better with water

Baumüller offers its DSD2 56 servomotor with a new water-cooling option

(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) The DSD2 56 from the Nuremberg manufacturer, Baumüller, is now available with water cooling. This cooling method has proven itself very well in the 71 and 100 frame sizes in the same series. The advantage of water cooling is a significant increase in the nominal power of the motors in comparison to air-cooled or uncooled designs. Water cooling offers advantages, in particular, in applications in which high dynamics are in play at low load inertia. In such cases, mechanical engineers profit from the high nominal power capacities, high overload capability and dynamics united in the DSD2 series with water cooling.

The water cooling option improves the performance density and reduces the noise level and surface temperature of the motor. This allows for efficient cooling even at higher ambient temperatures. The room temperature does not increase from the heat dissipation from the motor and sound insulation measures are no longer necessary due to the improved insulation.

Thanks to the expansion of the cooling options, mechanical engineers profit from increased flexibility and can thus select an additional, powerful alternative for applications for which surface ventilation is impossible due to space constraints or other factors.

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