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Universal processing and monitoring unit for rotary encoders and gearboxes

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) The new Encoder Processing Unit, EPU 750, combines the cam switch and speed switch functions, as well as an encoder and gearbox monitoring, in a single compact device for mounting in the control cabinet.

As a result, conventional transfer gearboxes, as well as mechanical cam switches and overspeed switches, are not necessary any more. The EPU 750 has two encoder inputs. Both absolute encoders (with SSI interface), and incremental encoders can be connected. There are 16 cams and 16 adjustable switching speeds that can be freely assigned to up to 32 digital outputs. Four alarm outputs also indicate errors like

"end position passed", "max. speed exceeded", or "gear backlash too high". Mute inputs enable the user to suppress these error messages - e. g. during the installation phase - without the need for complex external circuits. The output modules may be selected depending on what the user's requirements are. They are available as 24 V DC outputs, with solid state relay or with contact relay. A 4...20 mA input means an additional process value can be read in (for example a vibration, strain or pressure sensor) and included in the monitoring process. Signals from a connected incremental encoder can also be looped through and forwarded to an inverter or controller. It is easy to parameterise the EPU 750, thanks to an integrated web server. Parameterization can be carried out from any web browser and without any additional software.