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Sound proof box LS 20 - accessory for SONOPULS ultrasonic homogenisers

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) The use of ultrasound homogenisers causes intensive noise emissions in the human audible range. These are perceived as unpleasant and can lead to impairment of the hearing ability when exposed permanently. BANDELIN has developed the sound proof box LS 20 in order to reduce the noise level during sound reinforcement and thus improve working conditions in the laboratory. The LS 20 can reduce noise by approx. 20 dB-AU. The sound proof box is suitable for direct and indirect sonication using the SONOPULS series 2000, 3000 and 4000 ultrasonic homogenisers.

Compared to the previous devices LS 4, 8 and 11, the LS 20 is equipped with an LED-light which enables an even better process monitoring through the full-faced plexiglass door. The interior is equipped with highly sound-absorbing damping mats which are easy to clean.

Particularly innovative is the simple height adjustment of the supporting table, which also works with the door closed. The sonication vessels can thus be easily positioned in the LS 20 and the immersion depth of the probe can be adjusted by the user during the sonication. The built-in fan for cooling allows a constant removal of heat and moisture during the sonication. As a result, the fogging of the plexisglass door from the inside is avoided, for example, during a prolonged process. The supporting table in the LS 20 is equipped with an anti-slip mat for a secure position of the processing vessels. On the rear side of LS 20 are precut openings for hoses during flow sonication or for carrying out a temperature sensor for monitoring the sample temperature.

A special holder is provided for the inverse operation of the ultrasonic converter with a cup horn or a cup booster.

It allows quick conversion from direct to indirect sonication. An additional clamping system or a stand is not required when working with the sound proof box LS 20.

The use of the new sound proof box improves hearing protection and creates better working conditions in the laboratory.

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