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Intensive Ultrasonic Cleaning Reduces Operating Costs

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Ultrasonic cleaning can significantly prolong the life span of CHP spark plugs. This in turn significantly reduces the operating costs of biogas plants.

The lean, highly compressed mixture of biogas and air within biogas plant gas engines needs to be ignited with a powerful spark. High performance spark plugs are used for this purpose. Impurities in the combustion gas cause deposits to form on the spark plugs during operation, which consequently causes the ignition function to deteriorate.

These deposits mainly consist of encrusted sulfur compounds, due to the H2S content in the biogas. Moreover, the traces of silicon compounds found within the gas cause tough silicon oxide deposits to form on the spark plugs. Another source of contamination is oil seepage into the combustion chamber through the crankcase ventilation, turbocharger, and inner wall of the cylinder. Insufficiently burnt oil residues form soot (carbon deposits) in the engine compartment, especially on the spark plugs.

Dirty spark plugs lead to insufficient combustion in the CHP engines, which in turn reduces engine power and increases pollutant emissions. In order to avoid unfavorable combustion and possible resulting damage, operators should regularly submit spark plugs to ultrasonic cleaning. BANDELIN offers an efficient ultrasonic cleaning solution consisting of an ultrasonic bath, spark plug holder, and biodegradable cleaning concentrate.

Cleaning spark plugs with an ultrasonic bath instead of a wire brush yields a better result­ – the gaps in the plugs are comparatively cleaner and the plugs are no longer subjected to mechanical abrasion, which wire brushes inevitably cause. Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly effective for thoroughly cleaning very small holes on prechamber spark plugs, as the ultrasound generates extremely fine cavitation bubbles. Years of testing have shown that ultrasonic cleaning increases spark plug service life from 6,000 hours to 8,000-9,000 hours in a biogas-powered 500 kW CHP. Given the typical cost of a spark rate (4,000 Euros), investing in an ultrasonic bath pays for itself within one year. Finally, the ultrasonic bath is also suitable for additional biogas plant maintenance tasks.

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